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EverDrive 64 / Re: 40 Winks Rom?
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:37 PM »

No worries mate sorry about that. PM me if you get a full please. thanks

EverDrive 64 / Re: 40 Winks Rom?
« on: February 08, 2019, 02:27 PM »
Has anyone dumped the rom from the recently released 40 Winks from Piko? I have searched the normal rom sites, still no news. Considering the amount of people who bought the Kickstarter, I can't believe none of them have a rom reader.

Check your pm...

Beta, best i could find right now.

The filename is "40 Winks (Europe) (En,Es,It) (Proto).z64 "

EverDrive N8 / Re: SimCity Proto Released. Any chance for a fix?
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:15 AM »
Even if it did break . Which we have yet to confirm...  can’t a rom be say allocated to an alternative mapped and then rename said mapper ? If so that would be a resonable solution however of course making a mapper work for all the ROMs that depend on it is best if possible! Guess we need to test

EverDrive N8 / Re: SimCity Proto Released. Any chance for a fix?
« on: February 06, 2019, 09:59 PM »
Ill try it tonight, plus figure out if OS 20 is stable or not on my n8 lol

What we have to appreciate is the guy is a newbie to verilog and pulled it off, I've done similar resolving RAS/CAS issues on a verilog open source project - it's not impossible to learn verilog and fix issues quickly but impressive to see how quickly he's fixed it in his youtube videos it took him a matter of days, he should continue to fix other games :)

EverDrive 64 / Re: Rare Nintendo 64 ROMS
« on: February 06, 2019, 09:55 PM »
Been running a translated animal crossing on my everdrive 64 v3 for a while now, saves fine to memory card in the controller and loads fine, clock is enabled and working fine. There was one that would crash trying to save but I've since deleted that bad rom.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: February 06, 2019, 09:53 PM »
Can someone who is having problems with famicom av and n8 tell me their OS version and rom name so I can  test my famicom cart n8 with my famicom av (hdmi modded).  PM me if you want, willing to help bring a conclusion to this famicom av or n8 problem.

EverDrive N8 / Re: SimCity Proto Released. Any chance for a fix?
« on: February 06, 2019, 04:36 PM »
@superbite fix94 is a legend, i will test this mapper, any problems thus far?

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:28 PM »
Yes, and very buggy for many peoples. I think Krikkz thought he was done with the update and released the beta, then many peoples started reporting issues, he tried to fix them but then shelved it and moved his attention somewhere else. Its almost unusable for me so reverted back to the previous stable release. When he was looking into issues, I think he was unable to re-produce peoples io error and other issues. I'm not sure if sending him a SD Card with the issue would be enough for him to diagnose this but I have feeling that his mind is focused on other more exciting things right now (new SD2SNES pro for example). That's the downside of having so many products out on the market I suppose, you do not have enough time to split between your products. There is so many right now that I'm getting confused which one is which when trying to see if update are available for my different Everdrives  :o

True story, I Wish i was a god at HDL and software programming like Krikzz, he's done an amazing job with all the hardware he has released, and that's fair. it is a shame he can't focus attention on one area but that's the problem with being human we go between things quite often because we get bored and that's fair enough, he will dabble in the n8 again in future no doubt as another human trait is not to leave things left unfinished.

Edit: nevermind . Ill try on my ed64 v3 soon and  report back my findings.

F me . Time to get some these going :) thanks how’s the performance ?

Alvis He wants you to make Rom files for him because “no Linux”. What next take his mother shopping haha. I’m surprised there isn’t any ROMs online already ?

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: January 26, 2019, 11:21 PM »
Came from Krikzz with the 20? Really

EverDrive 64 / Re: the ultimate way to everdrive!
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:20 AM »
I have to admit the HDMI mod was installed very cleanly! I would like to mod a few of my consoles but I don't have a decent enough soldering iron yet.

You don’t need a decent soldering iron to solder ultra hdmi on your n64 I’ve done it with a low 35 watt iron + confidence + experience + leaded solder + topnik rf800 flux and a lot of patience - don’t be fooled into the world of 200$ iron stations - sure they can control and regulate heat at temperatures of your choice but it isn’t required. I even solder cpld and fpga by hand with a low wattage cheap iron and the key is simply the flux and your level of experience with said iron ( method of drag soldering / and removing excess solder with flux and technique of holding your iron at an angle to extract excess to a clean tip ) speaking of cleaning your tip brass wool ! Cheap and worth every penny use it as your soldering iron stand in a jam jar you will be laughing ;)

I realised I had some issi 6ns 54-tssop ram sitting around
I put a line of low melting point solder enough to cover all pins left/right of the 54-tssop and proceeded to heat both sides up wet and wow it flew off after a little time.
I put new ram on again with a 35 watt 10$ iron

Highly unlikely.....

But I do agree that the ED64 has file system issues that need to be fixed asap.

Looks like some ram chips ( very low percentage ) have issues but this resolved that , I suppose it’s impossible to diagnose as the memory tests and ed64 worked fine for weeks - after which it would work for days then go bad then work for days until eventually it failed completely . I had thought moisture / humidity / temperature played a role as it was a hot summer however my conclusion is that the ram was simply faulty but I don’t blame anyone as it is simply a unlucky hardware issue

when I realised I had some issi 6ns 54-tssop ram sitting around....
Wait a minute... are you telling me you had exactly the replacement you needed lying around

Sorry been busy . Yes my friend Kipper2k from the Amiga scene had quite a few of these and had sent me them common footprint and size for hardware he had been working on at the time after I was about to send it to Krikzz for repair and then realised I had the exact ram I had been sent weeks before , the photo shows quite clearly I swapped out the old ram with the issi ram which worked a treat and desoldered it with low melting point solder and a iron very carefully and soldered by hand with lead solder afterwards . ( no hot air ) I’m a newbie hardware engineer but learned a lot regarding smd soldering , HDL programming and pcb design so I don’t recommend anyone new to soldering try this.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Everdrive 64 Compatibility
« on: April 26, 2018, 05:00 PM »
All zelda - majora mask on the typical rom sites all had a glitch/crashed. I tried zelda majora mask (GC patched) .z64 and she working fine . The other roms start up at the horse scene with the mask thief... the horse nose is glitched (triangles coming out of nose) into the tree's.... the working GC one has no problem here.

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