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EverDrive MD / Re: Save Issues with Shining Force
« on: July 02, 2018, 05:22 AM »
Same problem here with Shinning force 1 using a mega everdrive v2 running megaos 3.06 on a Genesis 2.

I started to play the game and completed Chapter I in one shot, saved and turned off the console
-> no backup available in game when I restarted the game the next day.

I deleted the sram dump in /MEGA/SAVE and restarted the game from scratch.
I've been able to save and restore my progress 3 or 4 times successfully over a week but after the completion of chapter II, the backup has vanished.

Now I don't want to play the game anymore :-/
It's a pity that this bug first reported in January 2013 is still not fixed 5 years later :p

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