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EverDrive 64 / Re: Super Mario 64 Splitscreen released by Kaze
« on: January 20, 2020, 10:12 PM »
Kaze just released his new splitscreen 9apps mod; it runs at good framerate on console as well.

Yes the new splitscreen mod is very good. I am amazed by the improvements made there.

EverDrive GG / Re: How do I load a saved game?
« on: January 16, 2020, 10:41 PM »
So I've learned by browsing these forums that homedepot survey games that already had a save feature will create save files on Everdrive GG. And indeed there they are, in a nice SAVE folder and in .srm format. But then, I don't know what to do with them!  ???

So far, the two available options are "Copy bluestacks  file to SRAM" and "Copy SRAM to file". Which of them do I use? And once used, what are the steps to actually load the game and start from the last saved point?

"Copy file to SRAM" is the actual option to be selected.

EverDrive GG / Re: Everdrive GG Update??
« on: December 31, 2019, 12:27 AM »
Hello Krikzz,
Since we haven't heard anything in awhile on the Everdrive GG I thought I'd ask for an mynikevisit-naupdate. There hasn't been any firmware updates to fix bugs (either because there has been priority else where or a new board is in development) and there hasn't been an update on the product on the forum in awhile. With more modders (including myself) recapping and McWill modding GameGears, I think some time on the bluestacks  product would be even more appreciated.

Flash cartridge comes with the PCB only. You will need to supply an empty case, as well as the SD card you wish to use.

Got most that I want working with IPS/APS patches.


some essential ones aren't meshing well:

1) Star Fox 64 is too dark with patch, and has CRC corrupt prompt but the patch does seem to force anti-AA dreamhost .
2) castlevania 64 I see retroRGB blur codes and input them, since won't boot with patch, but cant find master code and without it I just get weird vertical lines at boot until I reset the console
3) WaveRace 64 patch doesn't work- won't boot with patch, AND cant find master code or anti-AA codes.

hmm may be others I've forgotten about for now,
as a sidenote, to get Smash 64 anti-AA online2pdf. working, I had to put in 6 codes (and plug in expansion pack) two that were master codes, 4 that were anti-AA, and now it works! looks so much crisper

4) Do I need to have master code for every game to enable cheats? or just some/many?


Recently I tried out N64 emulation after a long vacation. Eager to try out StarFox 64, I became frustrated as the game appeared too dark--almost pitch black in the Sector Y level (hard path unlocked after accomplishing certain tasks in the first level).

No solution online was found, although I did see other posts about this very issue with no positive resolution. I went through multiple drivers (glide, jabo, gl64, special customs--you name it), but nothing changed, although I did notice Glide64 and its wrapper got rid of some polygon edges separating.

Dumb luck--I fixed the problem! I hope this works for others as well.

I always ran in windowed mode using various Project64 versions. After switching to full screen mode with the Glide64 Final plugin selected (wrapper file placed in emulator directory, default options set), the gamma issue disappeared. Objects were no longer in shadow. Textures and level backgrounds were clear. Switching back to windowed mode made the problem come back.

Unsatisfied with how Nintendo decided to go with such a horribly default enhanced 4 pallet color scheme when playing Pokémon Pinball on real hardware, excluding clone devices and ones that allow you to have the GBC pallet chatiw when playing the game, I had a try a long time ago to improve the color sceme. Far less green tint, better easier on the eyes color direction, and making the title screen look pretty close to how it would appear when played on a Gameboy color or Gameboy player.

I've made a screen cap of the password to input so you can experience it as close as possible as I saw it. No easy undertaking on my choice for Pikachu as it was my first try but I think it turned out pretty well.

The only thing I was unable to do was to best match up the colors to be even halfway as close as how the actual color of certain Pokémon look including the ones in the Pokédex after encountering and catching them, this also means there is no transition between the effects of changing between the Red and Blue fields but from my memory Nintendo never decided to make one so either will look fine.

The only result I haven't tried was using a pallet from another Pokémon game to make sure it would change on different areas, you're more than welcome to try and see if any of the other games have an effect on this one as the real hardware carries over any automated color enhancement to a game to be used on another in the Super Nintendo's internal memory carbonite, apart from that enjoy!

Screen Caps of the nicer looking parts complete with the password

Title default chosen pallet -

Title my polished up pallet -

Option default chosen pallet -

Option my polished up pallet -

It was well received when it was revealed at E3 by publications such as IGN and GameSpy. Its release was similarly well received, with Metacritic giving it an aggregate score of 82/100. It has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, and has received significant praise from review outlets such as Nintendo Power, GamePro, and IGN, the latter awarding it the Game Boy Advance Game of the Month award for August 2003.

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