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On Phantasy Star MP decreases differently with each spell you use. Like let's say one spell uses 5 and the next uses 10. It would need a separate code for each you wanted to keep from decreasing. My recommendation would be to hit up nolberto82. He could probably come up with some better codes for this game. I'm not fancy enough to make "Start at level 30" type codes.

Thanks again Kyle! ;)

Infinite Monies is:


What is the quickest way to get MP? I'll make one for it.

Nice! Infinite money is working, too. Thanks
At some point in the game when you level up (LEVEL 3, I think) you'll learn a SPELL then your MP starts to increase after you kill an enemy.
I don't think there is a quickest way to get MP unless you find a way to get max EP (Experience Point) after a battle then you'll learn a spell. But this is just a guess. :-\

I don't like RPG at all but I like helping people. :o

Download Game Genie Guy, open Phantasy Star (USA, Europe) (Rev 3) and try this code for HP:


That's great! It worked!
Pity you don't like RPG's! :-\
Thanks ;D

Hi Kyle,
Could you do patches for Phantasy Star? Something like Infinite HP, Infinite MP, Infinite Money, Max Attack, No Random Battle, Etc?


EverDrive MD / Re: Master System PAR (RAW) codes.
« on: April 04, 2014, 11:22 AM »
But that is the only way?
I  found some patches but only for infinite lives and not for all games.

EverDrive MD / Master System PAR (RAW) codes.
« on: April 02, 2014, 10:26 AM »
Hi Krikkz and everyone,
I want to get infinite lives in After Burner and the only code I found comes in this form; 00C018:09 (RAM ADDRESS).
Can Everdrive MD handle RAW codes? Is there a way to use/input/convert them?


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