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I was attempting to play Operation Wolf (GoodSet) on my US SMS with MasterED (OS v7) with a light gun on  CRT TV.
Once I loose all lives if I press 2 to continue (on controller port2) the game crashes.

Is it a known issue?

Also Wanted does not seem to register the gun light sensor, it lets me fire but nowhere in the screen, I am using the UE ROM version, it may be that it tries to "run" at 50Hz?
In which case there's no hope!!! Any help on these 2 matters really appreciated.

I tried to play SMS light gun games on a Genesis 2 with MegaED (OS v9) on CRT TV.

Let's take Wanted or SpaceGun (GoodSet) for example, in order to select it in the MegaED menu I have to have the Genesis controller, once the game starts I disconnect it and connect the light gun in port 1 but the game at that point crashes miserably.
If I use an extension cable which disconnects pin7 (I normally only use it to play the SMS games that don't like the Genesis controller) then the game does not crash but the gun is not recognized either (because according to here [] pin 7 is used for the light sensor so disconnecting it is a no go).

So my question is do SMS light gun work on Genesis/MD via Power Base Converter?
And if so then should they work on MegaED?

Off Topic / SD2SNES fw 0.1.6
« on: March 19, 2014, 04:35 AM »

OBC-1 support (1 game) and some cleanup, but most notably Ikari back at work, maybe S-DD1 and SFC7110 will be next (that would leave SuperFX and SA-1, the hard ones for last, as it should be)

Master EverDrive / OS v7 and reserve OS
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:40 AM »
To KrikZZ

Given that OSv7 drops FAT16 support but that any other OS before that only supports FAT16 (and not FAT32 according to the documentation) what happens to the reserve OS?

If the SD is formatted FAT16 then it will not work with OSv7 so after flashing there's issues, but if the SD is formatted FAT32 then the reserve OS will not be happy if one ever needs to invoke it.

Any solution to this?
Is the rescue OS also updated with OSv7, if not do we need 2 SD cards?
(FAT16 for reserve OS and FAT32 for normal OSv7+)

EDIT: just updated my Master ED.
So starting with SD in FAT16, before update OS v5 can read SD, after update OS v7 cannot.
Reformatted SD to  FAT32 and copied all software back in, OSv7 works just fine, activated Reserve OS (v4 in my case) it sees an empty directory and obviously cannot be used.

Is there a way thru JTAG and an Altera Blaster to update the reserve OS as well?

Master EverDrive / Jap Test/Beta OSv6 link?
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:01 PM »
Hi Krikzz, another one with a Jap SMS + Bock gender adapter couldn't find OSv6 for MasterEd

Do you mind putting it on the OS section?
Obviously with "test/beta" and "for Jap SMS + Bock adapter only" clearly marked so everyone knows they don't need it unless they fit the "for Jap SMS + Bock adapter only" requirement.


Off Topic /
« on: August 02, 2013, 06:51 PM »
you can see the following file:

do you need to keep the infected file as well?

Are our password/email at risk?

EverDrive MD / What is ED-MD v3?
« on: July 16, 2013, 09:27 AM »

Just saw it now.
What is it? Is it better than MegaED?

Off Topic / KRIKzz NeoGeo AES
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:39 PM »
So KRIKzz, how do you like your NeoGeo AES?

Do you think that maybe you will make an MVS adapter for it. Likely a flash card is too complex/expensive but maybe you could make a better and cheaper converter for the rest of us (something like the or a better/fixed version of the Phantom 1 (

I'm holding off buying any of that (and the 161-in-1) for now in the hope you may come up with a cheaper/better solution.

Over this the weekend I installed Unibios 3.1 from Razoola [] and I like it, I enjoyed being able to see the end of Fatal Fury 2 [the only game I have] thanks to infinite energy cheat support, the game is very hard for me so that was the only way I could see Wolfgang Krauser.

Anyway, back in topic, do you think you are interested in making a 100$ MVS to AES converter for the rest of us?

EverDrive N8 / N8 grafx glitch
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:46 AM »
I noticed a grafx issue in the game "Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally".

My setting is a Sharp Twin Famicom, N8 with OS s2m2 and BIOS updated to v4.

First on my Twin the audio coming out of FDS N8 emu is very low (even in HI mode) compared to the real FDS onboard the FC Twin, but I can live with that if we could make it say 15% louder.Even games like Castlevania III Jap (VRC6) and other are low .... basically the Famicom normal audio channel are louder than the N8 ones (if I set the N8 to "lo" is even worse) .... maybe Krikzz can set the "hi" a little higher if possible or add another level.

Back to the grafx glitch.

3D hot rally uses scanline IRQ and it seems N8 FDS mapper does not implements them correctly at least in this game.
Just start playing on the first track (use leftmost car and first race option on menu) and within 30 sec you will see that the road gets a little garbled on the side when you turn and from time to time lines of the color of the "background" cross the road. On the real game (I do have the actual original floppy) over a real FDS (the one part of the Twin) instead it doesn't happen, that stretch of the road itself stays solid, well defined and the borders do not get mixed with the sides.
(unfortunately later the game uses a 2 band road design which makes the glitch even more psychedelic, there's a section of the race in which the road is black and white sort of checkered while the side are sort of inverted and with the scanline IRQ slight mess up it really makes for a trip worthy of the '70 ;-) I was about to puke)

I suspect that the timing of the raster based IRQ implementation is a little off on N8 (just speculation, it may be a different problem)

I am not sure if other FDS games have the glitch or even other raster IRQ sensitive games for other mappers as well. (again I am speculating that the problem is there but maybe it is something else)

I am just reporting what I noticed so far.

Except this (and the little issue I had with the SD until I upgraded the BIOS to v4) I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the N8 .... now I have to find a cheap shell to use.

Turbo EverDrive / Populous HuCard ROM problem with TurboED?
« on: February 01, 2013, 08:11 AM »
I just recently got a Tennokoe2  for my SGXX so I can save in the few HuCard games that allow it but I am having problem with Populous.
The game, with or without the Tennokoe 2 does not work properly.

What I get is the title screen but the tutorial locks up and the main campaign is all garbled up.
(ironically the save file is created correctly on the Tennokoe2, I can see the list of files thru the "Tennokoe data bank" menu ROM [just press SELECT and it let you chose the PCE or 1 of the 4 slots the real "Tennokoe data bank" has, of course the 4 banks don't work but the PCE content are listed, in my case the PCE content come from the Tennokoe 2] .... funny how the pair works together).

I tried "D&D Order of the ...." HuCard ROM and that one saves and load just fine on the Tennokoe 2 so it is not that piece of hardware the problem.

2 possibilities, bad Rom or populous requires a different mapper.

Anyone managed to make the Populous ROM to work?

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