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EverDrive 64 / What happen to my donky kong save?
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:58 AM »
I have a everdrive i got from a freind. Was playing donky kong 64. was working fine. saved and restarted the system like usual. But I think I resterated again on the ever drive screen. Went for dinner came back to play donky kong and the save file is gone.

Off Topic / NeoSd qustions
« on: October 21, 2017, 08:12 PM »
What rom set am I looking for a NeoSD
Are AES and MVS roms different
Does it support any other systems like some other flash drives do like PGM for example? Want to play a legit version of demon front :).

I just tried to play some master system games with my the mega everdrive. Sometimes it boots up but keeps changing resolutions making it black screen for 5 to 10 secounds. Now it doesn't really boot up at all. Maybe get a second in and out. I have it set to 720p but any resolution doesn't do it. Sega genesis games plays fine as they should.
I sware it worked when I first got the framemister. Maybe I didn't try it.

P.s. My scart cables are on there way so hope that fixes it.

Wondering if my ds evalution can boot up the everdrive and run ds games from the gba slot? IDK my M3 lite works like that but thats made for it. I am just wondering.

I am looking for the cheat codes to unlock everything in f-zero DD english patched. The other cheat codes for the other DD games would be nice also. I really don't have the time to unlock everything or the skill. I really want to make levels and stuff with everything.

Mega EverDrive / Putting x7 firmware on the old mega everdrive
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:40 PM »
I hear it's possible. Is it worth it. WIll I have problems? The newest firmware MEGAOS-V3.04 says that I can boot up other master system bios. can I still do that with my mega everdrive?

EverDrive GBA / Link cable support with the gb and gbc games?
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:44 PM »
Just wondering for the pokemon games and maybe tetris or something be able to use link cable, any issue's if it works? I know it's emulation but may as well ask?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / star fox 2 classic edition work on this?
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:37 AM »
Just wondering on not home for a couple of days and want to know. There is a rom floating around out there dumped from the snes classic itself.

EverDrive GBA / what are some problems everdrive gba?
« on: October 03, 2017, 03:01 AM »
How's the link cable support? Any lag issue's with link cable? It has gameboy player support. and use the link cable from the cube.
what else?

How's the link cable support. I read a couple have lag issue's or something with the link. what else. pokemon plays fine right with link cable and all? I dought it will play with pokemon stadium.

Mega EverDrive / Problem with master system games on mega ever drive.
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:22 AM »
I have the original mega everdrive and when playing mastersystem games some games the controller for the genesis doesn't work proper. I usually just switch out controllers to the master system controller then it works proper. Like for example bombraid I can't move my plane and can only use bombs. I tried wonderboy and that works fine. Is it the rom or just the game. Also any way to take the boarder off? Or is that how genesis deals with master system.
 Will the power base converter do the same?
I hear x7 firmware works with old mega everdrives. Will this help. Should i just use x7 up to date firmware from now on? I am using firmware version 7 - os 9.
I am using the av cables for now waiting on the scart cable coming for the framemister.

I am really thinking getting a master everdrive now. I wanted to save money then so I didn't get it.

EverDrive 64 / How to put saves on the 64 game or mem pack?
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:51 PM »
Just want to know. I know i can get the saves from gamefaqs just want to know what i need to do to transfer them to n64 mem pack or game. Thanks.

Wondering I seen these on sale for a wile now. I got mine long time ago when there was only the mega everdrive. I want to know the differences and how they compare to the original? Which X model is closes to the one I got?

I noticed this a wile ago and im posting now. I noticed that the n8 has some sort limit of how much files you can put in a folder. I ended up just putting my roms in multi pal folders which works. Im posting now. Maybe I done something wrong. Before I had firmware 11 now i have firmware 15.

EverDrive 64 / Some nes games don't support my tv?
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:34 AM »
Some nes games run ok like mario 2. But some other games like mario 3, my tv just says no single? I sware the nes emulator on the ALT64 Version firmware worked fine. Tried it on another tv which is a Samsung and it worked fine. My cheep seiki tv doesn't support those games or something? Does the nes emulator actually change the resolution. running OS-V2.12. Meh they run good on my n8 and raspberry pi fine. I even tried another rom with same results. Even running some regular 64 roms it says not no single but then goes back to normal, playable. It really isn't a big deal since I can play in other platforms just wondering if I did something wrong. I just want everything to work i guess.

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