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Duck Tales has the B button bug (like on Nestopia)

Not sure what the B button bug is, but if you are referring to the occasional missing of the pogo stick on flat surfaces, then that is normal. The game normally has a wonky pogo stick and sometimes it's more difficult then it should be to perform. This also affects jumping out of mine carts.

Ok thanks.

About the bug, it appears when jumping. Usually Scrooge can jump and then rebound on the cane using the B button. Here it is impossible to use it when jumping (well when walking to perform a "golf" movement) so no rebound available. The same problem appears in emulation but obviously not in the real game.

I recently purchased the Everdrive N8 from official store and updated it to last version (July) without problem (July).
When I play several games, it appears rendering and bugs are the same as on emulators.
For example :
Duck Tales has the B button bug (like on Nestopia)
Super Mario 3 has a vertical band at the left (like Nestopia).

How do you explain this please as the Everdrive is, according to the description) playing the roms like the real games. Those bugs shouldn't appear no ?

Thanks for answering.

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