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So the solution to this is just to use names longer than 8 characters?

At the moment, that seems to be a workaround. If your roms are named according to GoodSet or NoIntro, with the country information, you'll probably never hit this. But it's something to keep in mind for everyone upgrading from a GB to GBX and wanting to use the same card/roms/saves - if the file names are too short, saves won't load automatically and you'll have to manually load them, and even then you'll end up with a new, corrupted save on the disk when you switch games.

I took the time to de-dupe my collection, removing alternatve versions, hacks, and non-English games and also cleaning up the names. Worked fine on my regular EverdriveGB, but the big appeal of the GBX is the fast loading, esp. for a large games like Shantae.

I'm just going to hold off on playing those affected games until the fix is ready. In the meantime I'll have to reformat my card and restore from a backup to get rid of the corrupted files.

I always doule-check my saves, I had similar problems moving from an EZ-Flash IV to a EverdriveGBAX5, the everdrive refused to load my Yoshi's Island save and I ended up having to start over.

EverDrive GB / Everdrive GBX5 not loading all saves made on EverdriveGB
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:10 AM »
I've just got a new EverdriveGBX5 and a couple game saves aren't working.

I'm using the same SD card that I was using in my EverdriveGB, and all I did was add the GBCSYS folder and copy the SAVE folder out of EDGB and into GBCSYS.

All of the files have a .srm extension, and most of the save games loaded up properly in the GBX5.

I'm having trouble with two games:, F-1 Race and Shantae. Both started without showing my save, and both created a new files in the SAVE folder when I switched to another rom. The folder now looks like this:

SAVE\F-1 Race.srm (the original, 32kb)
SAVE\F-1 Race.SRM (8kb)
SAVE\Shantae.srm (the original, 32kb)
SAVE\Shantae..SRM (8kb (notice the double ..)

Looking on my PC, I can't delete the new 8kb files, in explorer or in the command line, I get errors that the files don't exist. I've run disk check/repair and nothing. I can't even delete the SAVE folder because it says the files that don't exist can't be deleted. I've even reformatted the disk and recopied from a backup to start over and I ended up in the same situation.

As a test, I loaded the rom (without starting) and then manually loaded the original save files into SRAM, and voila, my saves appeared in both games. I also played ahead in each game, and my new progress still gets saved as I switched between games.

I assume the new progress is being saved in these 8kb files, however, I can't open them or back them up. Opening the original files in a hex editor, it's obvious that they're barely using 512 bytes, let alone 8kb or 32 kb. I can verify that the original files aren't being updated as they still match my old backups and do not have the new progress. I can also verify that if I manually save the SRAM to a new file, and open it up in a hex editor, the new file does have the new progress.

Is it possible that there's a bug in the FAT LFN support? The only thing I can think of is that I rename all of my roms to remove all of the romset tags, and both F-1 Race and Shantae are shorter than the old 8+3 filenames.

I want to both continue my in-progress games and both be confident that they'll save properly and that I'll be able to backup the saves.

Tomorrow I'll see if making the names longer helps.

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