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Thanks for your feedback sgakensymd

I got some new GB/GBC games

Towers Lors Baniff's Deicit : Working
Stranded kids : Working Speed-up" button layout banner on bottom of screen is unavailable and replaced with a constant "Saving..."
Nushi Tsuri Adventure - Kite no Bouken ENG (flashed to a repro cart) : Working a few seconds until a saving error appears from the emulator and freezes the game

EverDrive 64 / Re: [release] gnuboy64 standalone
« on: May 09, 2020, 03:37 PM »

You are welcome.

Come on people, we need to get more results  ;D

EverDrive 64 / Re: 40 Winks Rom?
« on: July 09, 2019, 11:37 PM »
The Gameshark Pro v3.2 dumps the game properly.

EverDrive 64 / Standalone Stadium GB Emulator Compatibility List
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:49 AM »
Hello folks.

Last month, zoinkitty released a standalone GB/GBC emulator for the N64.
He isolated the Pokemon Stadium 2 emulator and that's why you need a Transfer Pak to play your games.

So far, only one guy on assemblergames reported some games working. Unfortunately, the website will close very shortly.
That's why I am starting this thread here.

I tested it on my PAL N64 + Everdrive v2.5. I did not test the save feature, only a few minutes of gameplay.

These are my results :

Kirby's Dream Land : Working
Legend of the River King : Working
Legend of the River King 2 : Working
LoZ Zelda Link's Awakening DX : Working with minor graphical glitches
LoZ oracle of seasons : Working
LoZ Oracle of Ages : Working
Lucky Luke : Not Working. Stuck on a black screen when booting the game
Lucky Luke Desperado Train : Working with minor graphical glitches
Mario Golf : Working
Mario Tennis : Working
Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō! (ENG translated on a repro cart) : Not working. Game is too big
Pokémon Gold : Working
Pokemon Pinball : Working
Pokemon Trading Card Game : Working
Pokemon Yellow : Working
Resident Evil Gaiden : Working
Shadowgate Classic : Not working. Graphics do not work. Blank image.

Shantae (Repro cart) : Not working. Game is too big
Wario Land 3 : Not working. The transfer pak is not setup properly.
Wario Land 2 : Working
Yu Gi Oh Dark Duel stories : Not Working. Game is too big

thebigman1106 list :

Super Mario Land 2 : Working
Jurassic Park : Working
Zelda Links awakening DX (Via Nintendo Power Flash Cart) : Working Minor GFX errors
Space Invaders : Working GFX errors in Super Gameboy Mode
Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust - Not Working
Everdrive GB : Not working

MVG also made a video about it

EverDrive 64 / Re: Aleck64
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:33 AM »

EverDrive 64 / Re: Emulators for N64 EverDrive
« on: April 21, 2019, 11:01 PM »
Regarding emulation, you will not get further than NES and Gameboy.

If you want to emulate the consoles you want, you may want to purchase a wii.
They are dirt cheap and you can easily install the homebrew channel.
You can use a classic controller or a gamecube controller to play those retro games if you want a stick based gamepad.

The complete rom collection is called no-intro n64.
And asking for roms is forbidden on this website.

Happy gaming!

You have a CIC switch at the top of the cartridge.
Make sure it matches the console version (PAL or NTSC).

My second advice is that you should change or format your SD card again.
Mine is formatted in FAT32.

EverDrive 64 / Re: New translated rom (Mini Racers)
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:48 PM »
Part of the game is in English but there is plenty of Japanese left.

EverDrive 64 / New translated rom (Mini Racers)
« on: April 13, 2019, 10:45 AM »
Manfried75 from translated the rom in French.

If there is someone that wants to make an English patch out of it, I can help for the translations as I am a native French speaker.

EverDrive 64 / Re: 40 Winks Rom?
« on: April 12, 2019, 02:01 PM »
You're welcome ozidual.
I wonder what are the differences between the NTSC and PAL version then.
Is there some region restrictions applied ?

Thanks to your informations, I know that I have a proper dump.  ;)

EverDrive 64 / Re: 40 Winks Rom?
« on: April 12, 2019, 01:01 AM »

How does the new game differ from the widely available prototype? Can you post screenshots or a description of the differences, please?

Unfortunately, I did not play the N64 prototype or even the PS1 version of the game. So I will not be able to tell you what is different.
Furthermore, I do not plan to finish both versions and focus on minor details.  :-\

It's great that you're not going to distribute the rom, as pirating the new 40 Winks would discourage Piko or anyone else from working on new games for the N64. If Piko and other companies realise that there's a fairly small but viable group of loyal N64 fans who are willing to pay for new games then they might be encouraged to write new games, and hopefully make them available as downloadable roms for those of us who want to play the games on flash cartridges such as the Everdrive 64 or the 64Drive

We can only speculate on that. If there is a downloadable DRM-free copy available for purchase, it will shared for free within days.
It will probably hurt sales and I understand why they prefer to sell physical cartridges only.
I would buy any new game/stuff for the N64 as long as I can get my hands on a physical copy.

If you want to play it on your flash cart for convenience, just dump the rom as I did. The hardware required is not expensive at all.
A computer with a parallel port, a parallel M/F cable and a Gameshark Pro v3.2 will do the trick.

Nice, now we know both NTSC and PAL roms are the same as the ones play tested last August.

Where did you get the details for the NTSC rom ?
To my knowledge, there was no known dump before mine.

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