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received today, i'll try soon, just ordered mega everdrive v3 and everdrive64 togheter

krikkz now italian site recognize the tracking, so in a few days i'll receive it ;)

can i put os and roms of MD, super ED and ED64 in one sd card? and use the same sd for the 3 carts?
omg your
useless post..  ::)

anyway i have not received the card yet :(

can i put os and roms of MD, super ED and ED64 in one sd card? and use the same sd for the 3 carts?

thanks  :)

ok no problem :) i hope that is not lost

shortly i'll order N64 and MD togheter :) ps: shipping is the same or more?

not less than two weeks usually, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.
please can you check it? i have not received it and the tracking code is not registrered on the italian post site, 16days have passed from shipping

ok thanks, i let you know about

excuse me igor, how much time take a order to arrive to italy? i'm waiting from 24 december the s.everdrive, in email i have recevied any reply. thanks

ok thanks perfect :)

ok thanks. but why if the card support the reset button and return to menu or reload the game, why i cannot press reset? i don't mean to not push reset only when i play a game that have a savegame?

so what i have to do to save correctly a game and not lost the savegame? i've read that there are option to Copy file from SD to SRAM and Copy from SRAM to file in SD, so i have to manually do this or the cart make automatically the savegame from sram to sd? and why i have not to press reset?

i have understand all but not this..thanks igor!

ps. can you tell me how i have to solder the dsp chip from mario kart on the cart? in wich side? if you have a photo is perfect

hi guys, i have ordered today my super everdrive v2, what files i need to put inside the sd card? i have a dsp1 from jap mario kart, in wich side i have to solder it? there's an image about?

SD must be fat or fat 32 correct? support SDHC?

in order to save correctly the game save on the sd card i have to press reset before turn off the snes or i have to come back to main menu or what else?

what format of roms the card support?

what other things  i have to know about the card?

thanks a lot to all  :)

Super EverDrive / Re: dsp 1 for super everdrive
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:45 PM »
so for mario kart i don't need only the dsp chip? (i have a jap mario kart to take it off) what else it need?

edit: no problem i have a V2 so only the chip needed

Super EverDrive / Re: Black screen Super Everdrive please help me.
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:36 PM »
hope that my v2 is working well (ordered today), can't you fix this problem that if the game is not flashed well the cartridge will crash? :( thanks

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