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Any clues on how to dig into this issue ? I once got this reply but have no clue how to work it out. Thx

"You should open the cart and check area near to J2 connector. Metal shield must be shorted on pcb near this area"  How can I fix this?
Make sure the little region switch on the Everdrive is set to NTSC.
EverDrive 64 / Nintendo 64 will not power up with Everdrive in.
« Last post by LordLarsen on Today at 06:11 PM »

For some unknown reason my NTSC n64 US region will not power up when ED64 is inserted (It blinks red then the light goes off). What's more, it temporarily drains the power of the console, like bricking it for a while. Minutes later it works again and normally with all other cartridges. The console had never presented any kinds of error like this so I'd like to understand it with your help why the ED64 cartridge causes this behavior on it. Thanks.
Off Topic / Re: 3DO Russian usb ode questions.
« Last post by Greg2600 on Today at 05:36 PM »

That's what I did with a US-FZ-1 and this device.  I had the 240p switch installed and rather than cut a hole in my CD drive bezel, I ran a USB extension cable to the side and put it there.  I got the cable off the web, it's one you would use to install in a car dash.  I also had the caps changed, to be safe, though doing so did fix the CD drive (which I'm no longer using anyway).
Off Topic / Re: 3DO Russian usb ode questions.
« Last post by nastc1 on Today at 04:15 PM »
The USB host mod showed up from Russia today! About 2 weeks. Not bad at all. If you want one I would take the dive. Now I just need the 3do to show up. Which was in NY 8/16. I’m in pa, so it’s not far.
SD2SNES / Re: Poor video quaility SD2SNES Pro
« Last post by leonquest on Today at 08:19 AM »
My original SNES (1991) always had problems with SD2SNES, so I got one from 1993-94 era, and it ran much better.
to me it was the complete opposite. The translated version of tactics ogre kept giving me problems on my sned mini, so I sold it and now use the sd2snes on a shvc model, 0 issues.
The price will be in the $150 range I think, maybe less.  He's made this point over and over again.
IF it ever gets released and at this price, I think it will be a great success.

I'm crossing my fingers that he meant Australian dollars.
Off Topic / Re: Terraonion Mega CD FPGA Cartridge
« Last post by leonquest on Today at 07:48 AM »
Some might cal it 'hardware simulation'. But its basically what all FPGA devices including most Flashcarts are doing.

That's just a buzzword term, made into a marketing strategy by analogue. Actual hardware simulation is an entirely different thing than what's being done on these FPGAs.

Of course the right term for this type of "emulation" is still in debate, but who cares, right?
EverDrive 64 / New 0xF3 FAT Error
« Last post by Cyberonix on Today at 07:46 AM »
I have an Everdrive 64 V3 that was working perfectly. I haven't used it for a while and decided to run Banjo-Kazooie. When I tried to launch the game, however, it only gives me an "ERROR 0xF3 FAT System Error" message. Thinking it might be a problem with the actual ROM I tried a different game, then another, but any ROM I try to load gives me that same error.

I had originally done some recent maintenance on the SD card which I though might have caused this but on closer inspection I don't think that's it.

It's a previously working 32GB card formatted as FAT32 32k cluster size. I re-installed the latest OS and re-copied my ROMs to it.

I think this might be a save ram issue. I noticed when I try to start any game it flashes a message for a split second that says "Save Memory" before immediately displaying the above error. I'm assuming it's trying to save the last loaded game's save ram and failing.

I looked over my last played games and it looks like Conker's Bad Fur Day was the last game I loaded and previous to that was Donkey Kong 64. I thought I'd read somewhere that Conker's has some unusual save ram. Could this be causing problems? As of right now I have a non-functional cartridge so any suggestions would be appreciated.
Off Topic / Re: Terraonion Mega CD FPGA Cartridge
« Last post by leonquest on Today at 07:46 AM »
I was watching some videos, and they say it "emulates" CD games. So is it emulating Sega CD games, or is it playing it like on real hardware?

Depends on what you understand with "emulation", the debate is still ongoing.

The difference between using an fpga to recreate a hardware, and say, C++, is that the latter has to work in an OS environment, share resources and therefore will have inherent lag. Not to mention accurate emulation requires insane amounts of computing power.

"emulation" through an FPGA has none of the disadvantages above (depending on the programmer's skill of course) , and thus has become the primary backbone for flash carts and accurate clone consoles (like the AVS, or analogue's consoles).
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