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Alrighty, so this is kind of a weird thing that happened. So I had a save file for Banjo Kazooie that I've made some decent progress in over the past few days, so I saved my game and turned my console off. The next time I launched Banjo Kazooie, I looked at the menu to notice that my save file had been wiped clean, as if I had never played the game before. Luckily, I backup my EverDrive stuff including my saves on a regular basis so I didn't permanently lose all my progress. So I'm continuing off from the last backup point.

Though it's strange that this happened... I am aware of certain Rareware games having some sort of copy protection built into their games, like Donkey Kong 64 for example that randomly erases your savedata without running a cracked ROM nor an UltraCIC chip installed on the cart. Though I don't recall the original Banjo Kazooie having that kind of behavior where it deletes saves at random, as far as my memory serves...
Checked the EverDrive 64 diagnostics to see that EEP is labelled as OK along with everything else.
Is this something I should be concerned about in the foreseeable future? Just wondering what may have caused this is all. (I was also using X7 3.05 X7 firmware, which does still have some bugs that do need to be addressed running on a V3, like 64DD cartridge port saving behavior and Neon64 v2.0 beta 3 saves not working as intended.)
EverDrive 64 / Re: ED64 V3.0 original Krikzz...
« Last post by IRL Random Hajile on Today at 06:33 AM »
ED64 V3 user here!
The 64Doom (by jnmartin84) WAD ROMs on v3.05 X7 firmware all seem to be working fine for me. Have you built those ROMS with the latest release of 64Doom from the Github page? Also might be a good idea to have the Expansion Pak inserted into your N64 if you haven't already, just incase.
Not sure if that'll resolve the issue straight away, but it's a start!
EverDrive 64 / ED64 V3.0 original Krikzz...
« Last post by VVV18 on Today at 03:03 AM »
Guys, good night ...

In OS 3.5 for ED64 (V3.0 / X7) DOOM's:
(Doom1 Ultimate, Doom 2, Doom Plutonia, Doom TNT) no longer work; would anyone know how to solve?
Thanks in advance!!!
Off Topic / Re: Black Friday Sales
« Last post by zaphro72 on Today at 12:59 AM »
Anybody know how long the sale is going on for?

I think Krikzz said Dec 2nd on Twitter.
Off Topic / Re: Black Friday Sales
« Last post by rlstine on Today at 12:17 AM »
Anybody know how long the sale is going on for?
EverDrive GB / Re: IPS Screen that won’t crash an Everdrive GB X7?
« Last post by Marteicos on November 30, 2020, 08:03 PM »
I've seen posts here talking about using 1.6V Zinc Nickel rechargeable batteries.
This is something that I would like to see implemented for the Pro firmware, especially for people who use Japanese Mega Drives to play their games on. I have a NTSC US console, so I'm unaffected by the issue of English translations not working as intended, but... changing ROM regions was an available feature for the older X7 OS, where you can choose custom region for games. Does seem quite odd to me personally that this feature wasn't implemented for the Pro firmware, at least as far as I can see.
Mega EverDrive / Re: MED Pro - how to change region/country for MD (World) roms?
« Last post by vmat14 on November 30, 2020, 03:15 PM »
Is there a plan to add this region/country select option to the Mega Everdrive Pro?
I'm trying to play the translated Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Makyou Toitsusen (dual UJ text) in a Japanese Mega Drive without success  :(
FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES now displays gibberish at startup
« Last post by nuu on November 30, 2020, 01:39 PM »
If you just download the latest OS and unpack it, it should not be corrupt and have all required files, except for the BIOS and stuff that you add yourself. If it somehow got corrupted anyway, just download again. No need to complicate things by pasting over existing files.
Off Topic / Re: Black Friday Sales
« Last post by nihlathak on November 30, 2020, 11:27 AM »
Hello. Does anyone know if I order something from the page, do they mark down the actual price on the package, as to avoid custom fees?

I ask because when I ordered some Everdrives from the krikzz store back in 2015, they send the packages with a marked down price on it to avoid such custom fees.

Anyone have any information about this? I emailed support at but I haven't gotten a response yet. Thanks.
With my last order, the ED GBA X5 Mini, they'd written down $ 15 value.
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