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News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: June 25, 2019, 03:30 PM »
yeah it's mmc5 support which makes me want to use v20 over v16.
 i think rc3 version is before mmc3 tweeks broke mmc3 games for some people and it has mmc1 fixed so maybe it is the most stable.
 does anyone know if rc3 release has specific broken games which were working on v16 or on previous os releases?
 if rc3 does break any games then it may be a case of using 2 sd cards, one for v16 and one for v20 rc3.
 i would invest in n8 pro version but not right away like i have with other everdrives in the past. the original n8 does a pretty good job if using a stable os version and i would keep an eye on n8 pro progress to see just how well the os gets perfected.
 i don't know if there is really any legit reason for not supporting the old n8 with stable os update(s). it does seem like a kick in the teeth after waiting for so long for possible mmc5 support that when mmc5 support arrived the old n8 gets dropped and we may never get a stable up to date os.
 can anyone be sure that the issues with the original n8 can't be resolved with the original n8 fpga and hardware?
 i think mainly what users would like is for things working previously to be fixed along with the new v20 added mappers and good tweaks.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: June 25, 2019, 04:53 AM »
right guys i've been waiting for a fixed v20 firmware before even updating so if we are stuck with v20 never getting a final release then which is the most stable v20 version?
 if i remember right v7 has issues with mmc3 timings and v6 has some issues also.
 i'm not as bothered about FDS audio as a lot of other users. i'm more concerned with overall game compatibility.
 i would stick with v16 but v20 has full mmc5 mapper support so the most stable v20 beta with no previously working games broken is what i want to use.
 it really is a shame if krikzz is not going to fix the bugs introduced with the later v20 beta versions before ending support for the original n8.
 just a stable final v20 revision which fixes any bugs introduced with games before putting the old n8 fw to bed would be great and i'm sure make a lot of people happy.
 i did not complain when support for the old mega everdrive fw ended because the latest version fw i have installed is very good and i have no issues. the same can't be said for the latest v20 betas.
 so which v20 beta version is best guys?

EverDrive 64 / Re: Premier Manager 64 NTSC Patch required
« on: May 20, 2019, 06:30 PM »
my trinatron tv has a uk plug type.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Premier Manager 64 NTSC Patch required
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:25 AM »
i wonder why the sony trinatron did it so well. back in the day it was suggested to me many times as the the tv to get for imported consoles and it did not disappoint.
 i live in the uk and figured at the time it was pal tv with great ntsc compatibility but thinking about it now maybe the trinatron was universal.
 the model i have is Sony KV-25F3U.

 @ ozidual. from memory there were other region fixed games back in the day which had some sound issues after conversion. mostly minor timing issues but the fixes were still welcome so the game could be playable in said region.

i purchased my everdrive 64 a good while back before the ultracic chip which can be played on both pal and ntsc consoles. mine is locked down to ntsc which is a shame because i have both ntsc and pal n64 consoles.

the trinatron is awesome but this thread makes me think about the day when it dies and my retro system setup will need a suitable replacement :(

EverDrive 64 / Re: Premier Manager 64 NTSC Patch required
« on: May 19, 2019, 01:40 PM »
i think this game needs something more done to it in order for it to play in colour on all tv's.
 my sony trinatron plays the fixed version on an ntsc console in colour. must be down to the trinatron extra features for pal/ntsc compatibility. solving pal/ntsc gaming issues was the main reason i got this tv back in the mid 90's.
 i don't think standard pal-ntsc fix methods so well for this game. unless you got a tv which has the same feature as the trinatron or if someone can make an in depth colour fix for the rom then i think it's a lost cause.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 30, 2019, 03:26 AM »
guys. if the same hardware setups is working fine with older OS versions without issues then surely by process of elimination the issue must be software related?
Yes, but the problem is that Krikzz needs to replicate the issue in order to fix it. He hasn't been able to do it, at least on his setup.

yeah i know that mate. it's the biggest setback with the sd card issue. if Krikzz could replicate it or get his hands in a setup with an sd card issue then that could be a big step in figuring out whats going on.
 still it was odd that the master everdrive x7 i purchased just did not like my old 2gb sd card at all. was this caused by something in the x7 os or the new hardware? the 2gb card worked fine with my old master everdrive so i wonder what caused the incompatibility and are these issues across the board with latest os versions for other everdrives?
 maybe you just cant use non sdxc/sdhc cards with the x7? i got it to boot a few times with the 2gb card but the os was just going crazy. as soon as i used a new 32gb card the x7 worked perfect.
 i know the issue with n8 is not the same but it is sd card related.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 21, 2019, 03:55 AM »
guys. if the same hardware setups is working fine with older OS versions without issues then surely by process of elimination the issue must be software related?

i agree with BambooShadow 100%.
 launch GBI from sd card and enjoy.
 also i saw a tutorial a little while back which shows how to use SGB backgrounds with the GBI player.
 the homebrew GBI player is much better than the official nintendo gameboy player disc.
 i have everdrive gba for gameboy adavance and everdrive gb for gameboy and gameboy colour titles. it's a great setup playing thses games on a tv with the gameboy player.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 13, 2019, 03:16 AM »
i wonder what is the cause of sd card problems in general.
 for example i purchased a master everdrive x7 a few months back and it refused to work properly with any of my old small sized sd cards which i have been using on my old model everdrives without issues.
  to get the master everdrive x7 to work i had to use a newer 32gb sandisk type card which is almost an empty card now because the sms library is so small.
 i'm not sure if the issue with the master everdrive x7 and old small sd cards is due to new hardware or something in the new os.
 it does seem strange that the sd card issues have become a major problem since the latest n8 os v20 beta revisions.
 only Krikzz would know what is different with the new os versions in regards to how the sd cards work. but v16 is mostly ok for most users so something must have changed sd card wise in the new os. if only Krikzz can pinpoint the issue.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 12, 2019, 07:20 PM »
hopefully when Krikzz has a setup which is showing sd card issues in his hands he can figure out what is going on.
 it must be very hard to diagnose an issue like this when none of your own hardware is replicating the problem(s).
 it must have been a real setback for krikzz after putting in a lot of effort to add more mappers like the difficult MMC5 and also fixing the expansion sound and then receive so many bug reports.
 like Krikzz said he tried to roll out a really good beta for v20 and it's probably been very frustrating for him and for users alike.
 really hope the bugs and sd card issues get sorted in the future. fingers crossed.

Master EverDrive / Re: Master Everdrive Save state answer
« on: August 19, 2018, 06:54 PM »
finally getting ready to order a x7 (everytime i plan on getting one something crops up lol).
 this thread kinda got me thinking that this could cause problems. for example wonder boy is another game where you press both buttons 1 and 2 while using the dpad
 only 3 buttons available to create an in game menu trigger is a dilemma.
 @stlpaul - could you please post some info about the modified controller? for curiosity, modding a controller would involve soldering therefore be beyond my skills.
 has there been any word from krikzz regarding a possible solution to this issue without modifying controllers?
 using combo of buttons on both player one and player 2 pad and using combo of pause button with player 1 pad buttons sounds like a good solution, if it's possible that is.
 another possibility is if the in game menu could be triggered by setting a button press sequence instead of simultaneous button press, this way we could for example set 10 button press sequence in order to trigger the menu. maybe this is not possible though for some reason.
 the chances of triggering in game menu while pressing U 1 D 2 1 L 2 R 1 U would be very unlikely.
 the sequence would not need to be as long as 10 buttons but you get the idea.

SD2SNES / Re: sa1 support [work in progress]
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:04 AM »
good to hear that smrpg works on pal snes with sd2snes setup.
 thanks josete2k for the patch links. pal button mapping sounds cool.
 i think i can run smrpg in full 60hz though with my pal snes because it's modded with switches. one for 60/50hz and one to enable/disable console cic.

SD2SNES / Re: sa1 support [work in progress]
« on: August 02, 2018, 09:25 PM »
has anyone played super mario rpg on a pal snes yet?
 i have not been able to test anything and i'm curious about this game.
 there was a lot of talk back in the day of there being region detection for this game which is quite nasty and if it don't detect the right region cic chip it wont work.
 it also wont work if you disable cic in your pal snes because the protection detects that.
 i figured maybe the game would need a patch or some hex edit to make it run on a pal console or maybe the sd2snes gets around the so called region protection with ease.
 the info regarding the region protection with this game is rather old so it may not be such an issue these days.

this is amazing news. exciting times for sd2snes owners.
 i was already so pleased to see superfx support and now redguy posts this video :)
 it's a good job i'm typing because i'm speechless.

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