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For sure something wrong with your cart, may be defective memory chip. You should send it back for exchange.

Master EverDrive / Re: Couple of X7 Questions
« on: April 03, 2019, 06:17 PM »
Mega v1 inject resident code to read controllers if save states turned on, it may affect game stability drastically,  mega v2/x7 sniff data-bus instead, such method does not affect game stability. But i have no idea why it not working for you, may be it some kind of incompatibility with specific motherboard revision + specific controllers combo. Save States always been experimental feature without warranties of full stability, because there is no possibilities to make save states on real hardware and i used various tricky methods to work around this problems, but this tricks not always works fine.

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 03, 2019, 08:47 PM »
If I can help in anyway e.g. post my Everdrive and console with the issue to you I would be more than happy to do so! Just let me know.

This would be really helpful. I think i will solve the problem if you can send full kit (cart + console + sd card)

Joyzz / Re: Future Wireless Controllers?
« on: March 03, 2019, 08:14 PM »
Hey krikzz, is the rf receiver proprietary or is there a compatible transmitter that could be used in a atari2600 controller mod maybe?

it proprietary

News / Re: EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: March 03, 2019, 07:59 PM »
Not to say something controversial, but I think krikzz's priority is to SELL his products,, he's not even posting on the forum anymore,, it's all on twitter.
The usual support here is "try a different sd card" is completely unacceptable for 100-200$ products.

Not acceptable? I wonder, what exactly you expecting for? When you buy some apple gadget, for 1000$ as example, can you take some direct feedback from the engineers who working over device development? In best case you will take few completely useless tips from guy in call center. You talking about 100-200$ product like about very limited exclusive car for 10 000 000$. This is not working that way.
I do what i can, but i not an god. i physically can not sit here and give the tips how to copy files on sd card and work over development at same time. So, time to time i here, but rest of time i working over hardware and my scoliosis. Back in 2010 i always been ready to response because i had only one cart and few customers, now i should support much more people and devices, but i still have only one head and two hands.

Speeches about rejecting old product for sell new ones is completely nonsense, i did NEVER get any sales boosts after releasing some updated versions of products, such releases always stays invisible in sales diagrams, only completely new product, which did not been in everdrive range before, gives sales boosts. Well, may be sd2snes pro is the only exception, but hype ends pretty fast anyway.
I making new products because my perfectionism want it, and they  usually not supported with old because i do not want be limited by legacy designs which were made when i been less skilled than now.
From commercial point of view there is no any sense to replace old version of products, especially if they do not have competitors. It waste of time to make new version if current version sells good already, but i do this anyway. For good commercial results i shouldn't release any update version of devices which already exist, only completely new devices should be in priority. Also, even if i forced to update something due outdated parts, i rather would stay all on old software to save the time, if my focus would be commercial profit only, but perfectionism force me to made all from the scratch and drop compatibility with old devices.
Oh, and what about sd2snes, profit guy probably would drain old stock before release new sd2snes-pro, but instead i released it before and start sales once pro was ready, old version now on sale with large discount and i still have lot of unsold, who knows how many time need to sell them now.
So, please, not make me again listen stories about changing device hardware to make more money.

As for v20, well, i really don't know why it not working for some of us, it work on all my test carts and all my systems. I do not know how to fix the problem if i can't see the problem. But what if i would not made v20 at all? N8 still be best in terms of mappers support and features, all would be happy with v16 or some v17 with minor updates. But i tried to made huge jump for N8, spent incredible amount of time for all those mappers and fds sound and what i have after all? Only complaints? I must say this is dissapoint and demotivate me.

I want to say once again that when you buy the product, you guaranted will take the item with specification listed on the product page on the moment when you buy it, nothing else. Don't blame me that you  did not get enough updates, i did not promised anything except what i already have.

Mega EverDrive / Re: Will there be a new mega everdrive?
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:45 PM »
It like waiting for last final ultimate graphics card or cpu, you can wait forever. I have to update all devices time to time, sometimes because i have new ideas, sometimes because i forced to change hardware due some parts out of production, sometime both mentioned reasons at the time. At the moment i do not working over new mega-ed, but i will update x7 for sure, because used memory and fpga already  out out of production.

Off Topic / Re: Use FlashKit programmer MD with not KRIKZZ cartridge
« on: February 04, 2019, 09:40 AM »
Such carts is not writable

By default joyzz should go in sleep mode after 15 min. You can check sleep timeout with jconfig.

« on: February 03, 2019, 06:30 PM »
Xilinx Spartan 3 - XC3S400-4PQG208 == 32$ LINK
Altera Cyclone IV E - EP4CE15F17C8N == 29$ LINK

This Cyclone IV is almost twice the logic gates BUT the price is slightly less than the older Xillinx Spartan 3.

Yeah, this is because outdated parts price constantly rise once production stopped. Those spartans production already stopped for a long time and they become costs astronomical amounts. New cyclone has much more power and at the moment cost even less than spartan.
SD2SNES PRO retail cost will be same, by the way.

News / Re: FlashKit MD released!
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:41 PM »
Does anyone know if I can use the flash kit md to make region free sega cd bios carts? I just want a single cart solution to play different region games, can it be done as I know the everdrive allows it??

No, it can't. There is required extra logic on cart to boot bios from cartridge port.

Off Topic / Re: The retrogate is no longer authorized krikzz dealer?
« on: January 04, 2019, 05:36 AM »
Retrogate does not have paypal anymore, as far as i know, but yeah, they still sell original products.
Recently we revised our dealers list and remove members with weak activity.

Off Topic / Re: AVRCICZZ
« on: January 03, 2019, 05:58 PM »
you can write region code to eeprom and remove EEWrite code, or you can load constant value to ZL instead of read it from eeprom (in this case you should recalculate init cycles). both ways will lock cic on single region

Master EverDrive / Re: Couple of X7 Questions
« on: December 30, 2018, 01:32 PM »
Disk operations woks bit faster with Large cluster size (32k), this is the only difference.
What exactly you mean when you say “not getting back to menu properly”?
I will look on differences in controller handling in v1 and x7

Turbo EverDrive / Re: V1 TED, Error 117...
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:11 PM »
Such error code not exist. Seems like cart is damaged

EverDrive MD / Re: Very old Everdrive - Not sure if working correctly
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:02 PM »
Maybe you used zipped ROM files?

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