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EverDrive N8 / Re: a mapper 15 nes file get error.
« on: July 16, 2019, 10:01 PM »
the file is uplaod to attach.
this file VirtuaNES Nestopia can play it.
please help me.

I use VirtuaNES. Which game comes up with te mapper 15 error because there were a few fixtures of certain games using other mappers and that game may be one of them that could have been fixed a long time ago.

I still think the problem with Kamen Rider is totally unrelated to the region problem. Just disable hooks (and possibly region patching) when playing this game. I see that you have in-game buttons and initial holdoff set to ON. If something still doesn't work I'd set these to OFF as well, but I'm not sure these matters if the hooks are OFF.
The in-game hooks is a hack and it just breaks some games. It's literary impossible to make it 100% universal so that it works with any game because you never know how a game is designed and what memory slots it uses.

The region patching problem is strange though. It could be a bug in the v1.10.3 OS. It's better reported to Ikari.

It likely is a bug as I noticed sometimes it fixes itself when the reset to menu is switched on, its like the features are back to front, the region lock will be fixed and auto will resume randomly but then go off again after its rebooted via turning the power off.

I never have ran into a issue with in game hooks but somehow removing them caused the region lock to unwork after doing it a few times, the actual version this happened was in the 1.8.0 firmware but I shot up to 1.10.3 as I was curious if it would work despite all the rumours it breaks SA-1 games and a lot of games no longer work and to my shock it was worse than what the old version did.

Region changing stops working in what game? All games you've tried? In that case what games did you try?

Region changing stops on any normally region locked game, be it Great Battle IV to even the 1st Japan game in the folder list... I think instead of explaining it this video sums up what I mean. I've uploaded it to sendspace and once you see it, you will know what I mean and filmed off my Samsung camera.

Also image shots below uploaded in imgur (Latest S2DNES firmware added) (Everything is on including the region patch) (However this always comes up, the kamen rider issue is in the video as its too hard to explain in words and as before isn't a region locked game but somehow gets locked if in game hooks are on as the video shows)

I tried Kamen Rider (not "Karmen") in bsnes forcing PAL mode and the game works, so I don't think this game have any region protection. Just turn region patching OFF before starting this game and turn in ON before starting a game that needs it to run. In-game hooks also needs to be OFF for this game according to yourself.

Does that solve the problem?

Kamen Rider never used region patching to work however if the in game hooks are on it wont let the controller respond past the title screen or the prologue text it will just display one bit of Japanese text and freeze. So in short either if region patching is on or off the game will run reguardless but if the in game hooks are set to on you wont be able to progress in the game.

For whatever reason after turning them off and then on again I ran into that problem that the region changing no longer works though.

i meant sd2snes board reversion

I likely will never know as I will not unscrew the cart to find what is inside, I can say that it apparently has the guts of the real everdrive's SD2SNES but had a donor Chinese SD2SNES cart as its shell all those years back (According to the old ebay listing I got it from) and this is true as upgrading to the latest firmware never gave that "Flash Check Error Clone" message that surfaced in the 1.9.0 release.

It's not really a low blow as I still have the physical more awfully made SD2SNES from retro towers that never had the constant firmware updates so I can switch to that one on the go if need be.

we need more info like

which reversion of sd2snes you have?

which model and region is your snes?

is your snes modded with SuperCIC?

which last fw version auto region work for you?

Rev 2.4

PAL Region


Firmware 1.8.0 (However apparently turning the in game hooks off to get Karmen Rider to run caused the auto region patch to stop working, the last game that worked was Great Battle IV, The but after playing Karmen Rider the game ended up saying my SNES was the wrong region and cannot play this game pac. Even if the in game hooks were enabled again afterwards)

As I haven't been keeping track of updates to the SD2SNES for a few months now I finally decided to go to the SD2SNES downloads page and download the folder called "sd2snes_firmware_v1.10.3" after copying and pasting the 17 items into the already made SD2SNES folder I booted up the device getting the new information of it saying "Firmware version: 1.10.3"

But when I played a Japanese game which would normally be region locked I got the "Game Pac message"

I went back and checked the configuration of In-game Settings and it says Auto Region Patch ON so what has happened here?

Edit: Upon further checks SA1 games like Kirbys Super Star no longer work and if you in game button reset Doom it glitches the whole menu screen...

Also region locked games are randomly working and then not working when going to the menu and clicking them again.

Lastly on a side note I am not sure if the region patching broke as soon as I turned the In Game Button Hooks off so I could play this game with my findings here

SD2SNES / Re: Yml example
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:34 AM »
Anybody can show to me an example of yml file for the SD2SNES?
Unfortunately is no longer online.


It's always online, just goes offline from time to time... it's online now.

Ya, I never listed Pokemon Yellow, because it's definitely using GBC mode on the cart itself.

Both are however a Super Gameboy enhanced games with borders and stuff.

Too bad that game had a really awful pre-set pallet choice using hazy pallets for every single map you go on... thankfully a rom hack corrected this issue using the pallet interchange from R/B/S/G into Pokémon yellow the only downside was the sprites have been updated to be based off Gen 2 but apart from that it's a much nicer chosen pre-set pallet switching game over the official one.

Also this may be a year old but to note a few selected SGB enhanced games lost their SGB enhanced pallet color when used on an everdrive as the pallets cannot be recognized on a real hardware snes, thankfully I made a near accurate one based off the actual cartages I own of them as in game the password is just ----,----,----

Their are 3 games in total of the entire set which will load up a enhanced color set and these games unless owned on a real Gameboy cartage will just display the red and white color pallet by default when booted up on an Everdrive… the following passwords will near enough restore what they should have been...

Get Chuu Club - Minna no Konchuu Daizukan (Japan) (SGB Password 5311-9613-5723)

Hole In One Golf (USA) (Rumble Version) (SGB Password 0771-3515-6243)

Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Driver (USA, Europe) (SGB Password 7342-1534-9243)

Also speaking of built in pallets did you know they can be swapped between non enhanced games which do not say (SGB Enhanced) at the end of them. As the real hardware SNES can only remember what game is using them until turned off this can allow other games to use what ever it loads up... this also includes boarders.

Unsatisfied with how Nintendo decided to go with such a horribly default enhanced 4 pallet color scheme when playing Pokémon Pinball on real hardware, excluding clone devices and ones that allow you to have the GBC pallet when playing the game, I had a try a long time ago to improve the color sceme. Far less green tint, better easier on the eyes color direction, and making the title screen look pretty close to how it would appear when played on a Gameboy color or Gameboy player.

I've made a screen cap of the password to input so you can experience it as close as possible as I saw it. No easy undertaking on my choice for Pikachu as it was my first try but I think it turned out pretty well.

The only thing I was unable to do was to best match up the colors to be even halfway as close as how the actual color of certain Pokémon look including the ones in the Pokédex after encountering and catching them, this also means there is no transition between the effects of changing between the Red and Blue fields but from my memory Nintendo never decided to make one so either will look fine.

The only result I haven't tried was using a pallet from another Pokémon game to make sure it would change on different areas, you're more than welcome to try and see if any of the other games have an effect on this one as the real hardware carries over any automated color enhancement to a game to be used on another in the Super Nintendo's internal memory, apart from that enjoy!

Screen Caps of the nicer looking parts complete with the password

Title default chosen pallet -

Title my polished up pallet -

Option default chosen pallet -

Option my polished up pallet -

It sure is weird how GBA X5 batteries run dry... I must have had my thing since 2017 and the device has yet to do that?

EverDrive GB / Re: Snes gb boy adapter compatibility
« on: July 07, 2019, 02:38 PM »
Even after reading the listing its hard to believe it will actually play GB/GBC games on a HD screen, even more so unlike the ED series you wouldn't be able to swap SGB Enhanced GB/GBC only game boarders on the go with non enhanced games like you could do so with the official Everdrive device or any standard Gameboy series line title that had the SGB logo on the cart or otherwise would be classified as (SGB Enhanced) on a rom.

EverDrive N8 / Re: mappers help?
« on: July 03, 2019, 12:54 AM »
Haha, well I just remember Mr Gimmick working with the sound effects and music when it did work...

A long time ago I had a good fiddle with Mr Gimmick and was able to get the sound effects in the rom via using my Super Card SD and saving a state on the USA version then loading the Japanese version just after the stage begins after the stage map causing the effects to be restored as only the PAL version fixed with 60hz managed to keep the sound effects and music until the game was either turned off or over.

Even to this day I have no idea how this happened but I wish my device still worked as it was fun having a huge Gimmick spree from not only trying this out but also patching a bunch of Gimmick themed roms in different methods... as the RAW attempts may not be useful I omitted them in favour of the working ones...

I think the most mindblowing thing was merging a Japanese only hack with a proto giving it a really cool effect... hope these are of use to you as of what I had fun trying out different ways of patching in 2017 and just sparked me to make 3 new ones with game genie guy just yesterday.

The sources come from many places in 2017 and even to this day I wish I remembered where the patch of the final area being unlocked was by default but after I discovered gamehacking's main site I really haven't been using rom hacking's main site or consider it to be useful for hacked games anymore as you'd see the Invincibiity and Infinite Health ones far exceed that as you can jump in midair and collect the hidden stuff needed for end game.

This is a great trick, I'll keep it in mind if something like that happens.

No Problem... also due to what it seems to do the only sram files that do infact save states or same in the GBA X5 is Goomba, PocketNES, SMSAdvance which also includes game gear roms with either their in game save files or just save states and GBA roms with their default ingame saves. While onces such as PCEAdvance, SNESAdvance, Neo Geo do not save even if sram is created after each rom is played.

Thankfully the Emusave folder only contains in game emulators of which games have been booted up, while the GBA saves are separate and it seems on my SD card it could hold a total of 2,025 memory data files of what each game was called before having no space until they were deleted.

What is weird however is NEG Geo Pocket and PC Engine roms do not make sram but as said above it is likely due to the fact they are merged into a in game folder which has multiple games on a single rom so they do not take up space.

Just breezed through R-Type on the PC Engine with hacks I received this mission code DHL-9779-NJ it was with the Taisang version but it should work just as good with the normal Japan one (No idea why these exist though) anyways as you know if after downloading my pre-patched PCE folder there was no hack for R-Type Part-2 infact it doesen't even exist on gamefaqs so I decided to make a quick summery of how it works... hope this is of use to those who want to try and complete the 2nd hard part which by default gives you no boosts or power ups at all at the start (The TG-16 one apparently merges both parts into one so this code cannot be used sadly though thankfully the extra credits sourced from gamefaqs can work on that game instead)

R-Type Part-2 - At the title screen press Run and Select together then enter DHL-9779-NJ as a mission code, you will start with the best version of maxed out weapons (Red and Blue beam and Red and Blue shield lasers, two shields and missiles carried over from my pre made hack of the Taisang R-Type with the intro removed) but your speed will remain defaulted at the slowest till the S items are collected but thankfully due to the beam it will 1 shot kill most enemies but still be carful on the long worm enemies in stage 5 at the start also keep in mind if you get hit you loose everything until resetting and entering the password again! Happy gaming everyone ^^

Interesting Tip: While going through the enemy's barrage of attacks a lot of the time thanks to the front weapon and the two shields you can just fly into the enemy fire (Am not sure on the ones that shoot lasers at you) also when facing the boss do not change your weapon type as for some reason the beam breaks through the bubbles so quick on the 1st boss (Especially with turbo fire on) that it just runs away before you even kill it xD

Interesting Tip 2: The Taisang rom of R-Type Part-2 with the above code will always give the player speed ups instead of power ups, if used on the official R-Type Part-2 that doesen't say Taisang it gives the player power ups preventing the player reaching max speed of S item collectables... I guess they did this to make the game easier or was it something else???

*Of course the above could just be RNG of what item you get but it seems a lot more common on the Taisang version at least to me*

Lastly just expect the odd typos of NTSC RUN instead of PUSH RUN BUTTON at the continue screen (At least on the Taisang version which may be why it's different am not sure if it's an official HUCARD or not)

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