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I actually do quite a bit of solder work on music equipment but haven’t messed with anything in the game related realm. I was afraid it wasn’t making contact with all necessary points as most pictures of the board show those areas populated with visible Solder.

Anyways I solved the issue and feel a bit dumb! For whatever reason the unit was shipped with both terminals of the battery holder on the negative side. The prongs from the positive side were never bent up and over the battery to touch the positive side. After doing this the unit works perfectly!

I just bought a Super EverDrive from Stone Age Gamer Yesterday.

Whenever I turn power on and off I get the “Settings reset to default push any key to continue” message and it removes whatever game and save was in memory. It should not do this every time I power on correct?

I tried 2 different new 2032 batteries and reformatted the SD card and redownloaded OS.

Is there anything else I can try without having to send it back for repair?

EDIT: After looking at the back of where the battery holder attaches the solder points have no solder is visible. In pictures these areas appear populated. Perhaps a connection is not getting made that needs to happen at the front and back? I can add a dab of solder if that may help? Don’t want to void a warranty though...

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