Author Topic: Which Krikzz product is your most cherished and why?  (Read 801 times)

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Which Krikzz product is your most cherished and why?
« on: July 20, 2020, 09:00 PM »
Would love to hear peoples' responses on this!

it probably boils down to most played system, but never know!

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Re: Which Krikzz product is your most cherished and why?
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2020, 12:57 AM »
My first Everdrive was the Everdrive 64. It was long the most useful Everdrive I had simply because of it's high compatibility and because N64 emulation was (and still is) in such a bad state. Thanks to the ED64, I could suddenly play all those games I could never get like they were meant to be played on the real hardware, and without all the bugs and inaccuracies of N64 emulators.
But it's not really my favourite system so I won't cast my vote on that. Nowadays, thanks to the Everdrives and other flashcarts, I hardly ever use emulators anymore on any system I own, except for quick testing.

I own Everdrives for most of the systems, and the Everdrives I use the most are the Everdrive N8, SD2SNES (although not exactly an Everdrive), the Everdrive GB and the Turbo Everdrive v2. The Mega Everdrive Pro will probably also enter this list once I get it.

For it's large and unreplaceable game library, thriving homebrew scene and simple yet versatile and balanced 8-bit hardware, I say the Famicom and the Everdrive N8.

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Re: Which Krikzz product is your most cherished and why?
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2020, 03:52 PM »
The original Super Everdrive, the 1st time I got to play it was at a convention it was pretty awesome seeing how each rom had a bar that needed to go across the screen showing how many kb/s the game way before booting up. I still have the very 1st version and use it from time to time just for the nostalgic value...

Though these days in later revisions I haven't seen that in a long time and likely it will never happen again due to the way games load so fast, it always was a iconic thing I missed since the original one where the bar went across saying how many mbits/megabytes were gathered to load the rom. I think the only line that kept the same fashion was the original GB everdrive series outside of the X7, statistics have always amazed me for years and I for one agree it should be brought back or at least let you see a RAM overview of how big each game is as the SD2SNES later ones only keep the basic MB size and not those awesome kilobytes the original Krikzz version had which got me into Everdrives in the first place.

Now I think about it more the only ones that still used it was the Everdrive China versions that were based off the original Krikzz version that still to this day retain the bar across the screen when roms load up. I thankfully own the official original one so I can experience the joys of everdrive data appearing before every single game that boots up, later incarnations still had the kbs but lost the bar and the SD2SNES lost it all together. I think the reason why I always liked the bar is because it reminded me of the old Windows 95 loading screens for programs something just hit my iconic nerve of nostalgia when I first played on one at an expo and made me want to own one myself.

Sad to say recent changes were made in future lines and I was weary of getting the FXpak along with the X5 when I noticed the SD card used was only a mini one instead of mini one that was used with a reader, it always was a pain to try and pull out the SD card with my fingers when it was slotted into the original everdrives that used a standard sized SD card or SNES being the original and V2, something the SD2SNES corrected by adding a spring function to make it easier for adding data at anytime without the hassle of trying to get it out to do it while the FXPAK reverted back to a much harder way even omitting the method of using a standard sized SD card in favour of a small one that the GB everdrives used... I could understand the mini ones being used on the GB series as the card wouldn't be able to hold a bigger SD card but the lack of spring function on the newest one made it a hard choice for me that I sadly passed up. 

And those are my cherished memories of the everdrive ^^
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