Author Topic: New Smash Remix patch w/ Bowser & new stages has been released  (Read 640 times)

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A new patch (0.9.4) for the Super Smash Bros Remix hack is now available. Please note that an Expansion Pak is required to run the new patched rom on your ED64.

Link to the video:

Patch download link:



Bowser Added

Giga Bowser Added

* Up Tilt top hitbox size increased
* Back Air spike hitbox size increasd
* Up Air disjoint increased
* Grab hitbox adjusted
* Jumping graphic effects altered
* Up Smash intangibility now covers entire body and duration lasts from the start of graphics until end of the 2nd hitbox
* New entry animation
* Down Special facial expression changed
* Up Air corrected to have proper landing lag
* Forward Smash hitbox duration shortened
* Up Tilt
 - Decreased speed
 - Damage reduced 23-22
 - Knock back scaling decreased 109-100
 - Base Knockback decreased 60-40
* Forward Throw Invincibility duration reduced
* Up Special now properly removes jumps like all other characters
* New clap animation

* Rest sound volume fixed

* A Complete overhaul of Remix's graphic overlay system to utilize Smash Bros 64's native functions
 - Visually revised Training Menu Options, Versus Match Stats, and Remix Options
* Bonus 3, Multi-Man Mode and Cruel Multi-Man Mode Added
* Customized stage knockback collisions (such as the ground in Big Blue) are now turned off when hazards are turned off
* Dreamland/Omega Stage Option: Stage Select now gives the option of Dreamland/Omega versions of certain stages, these stages maintain their hazards if not turned off
* Players can now select darker and lighter shades of characters in team battles
* 12 Character Battle Versus Mode added (with options for Japanese, Remix, or custom character sets)
* Random Stage Select now netplay safe (would cause desyncs previously)
* Hazard and other stage toggles no longer affect 1p and Bonus Modes
* Combo Meter 99+ combo crash has been fixed
* 1P high score bonus tally now includes all characters


Bowser Break the Targets added

Bowser Board the Platforms added

Falco Board the Platforms added

Lucas Board the Platforms added

Polygon Team Board the Platforms added

Wario Board the Platforms added

Omega/Dreamland versions of Peach's Castle, Congo Jungle, Hyrule Castle, Mushroom Kingdom, Planet Zebes, Dreamland, Sector Z, Saffron City, and Yoshi's Island

Fray's Stage - Night added (Dreamland Alternate)

World 1-1 added

Goomba Road added

Bowser's Keep added

* Aria of the Soul added as alternate track

Congo Falls
* Stage completely overhauled
* Gangplank Galleon track added and set as default
* DK Rap song now set as rare alternate track

* Multi-Man and Cruel Multi-Man added as alternate tracks

* New song added as default track

Muda Kingdom
* Issue with grabbable ledge near pipe has been fixed

Corneria City
* Main platform neutral spawn height lowered

New Pork City
* Underside clipping fixed to prevent warping

* Even Drier Guys alternate track improved

Spiral Mountain
* Mr. Patch track added as rare alternate track

* Clipping and graphic updates
* Model optimization for better performance
* Moving platforms added to the stage

Mute City
* Graphical improvements

Bowser Stadium
* Final Bowser alternate track instruments revised

Yoshi's Story
* Obstacle course main track volume increased

Peach's Castle II
* Added moving platforms
* Improved graphics and performance

* Improved graphics
* Blast ceiling and camera height increased
* KO Respawn Point moved

Gerudo Valley
* Gerudo Valley track improved
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Re: New Smash Remix patch w/ Bowser & new stages has been released
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Bowser is finally in Smash 64!!!