Author Topic: For SuperGrafx owners - A request  (Read 382 times)

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For SuperGrafx owners - A request
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:57 PM »
Hello everyone.

I have a SuperGrafx, and I own both a Turbo Everdrive as well as actual copies of four of the five Supergrafx games. One of these is Aldynes, and it's my favorite SGX-exclusive game. My real Hucard of it has always worked fine.

However, it appears that the Turbo Everdrive has trouble playing it. The game starts normally and plays for a while, but periodically, it freezes. I am thinking that the dump may be bad, as basically no other games (including other 1024kb SGX games like Daimakaimura and 1941) have such trouble operating. However, it still might be a contact problem, or (god I hope not) that my Everdrive is faulty.

Before anyone asks, I am certain that I'm using the best dump available. I've verified the hell out of it.

So far, I have noticed that even when left to run in demo/attract mode, Aldynes will still freeze eventually (sometimes after more than an hour). This is why I think other SGX owners can test this for me.

MY REQUEST - Please load up Aldynes on your Everdrive, and from the moment the music starts, set the controller down and turn off the TV. Leave the system on for a good few hours. Come back and check it. Has it crashed?

If it does crash, especially for more than one of you, then I think we have either no good dump of Aldynes available or an incompatibility with the Everdrive.

If it doesn't crash, then I suppose I need to clean my system again, try once more, and then maybe contact Krikzz.

Thank you!

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Re: For SuperGrafx owners - A request
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2020, 05:30 PM »
Is it an early TED v2? Some of them didn't work well with the Supergrafx.

Have you tried it with the unofficial OS by elmer yet? There where some games that didn't work with the official OS that would work with the unofficial one.

Unfortunately I don't have a Supergrafx and can't try it.