Author Topic: 16 kb .SRM to 64 kb .BIN save  (Read 2428 times)

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16 kb .SRM to 64 kb .BIN save
« on: March 04, 2014, 08:18 PM »
I just got my Everdrive MD v3 in the mail yesterday and it kicks ass.  Question though, I found an older topic about converting a .srm file to the everdrive .bin, but the .exe files Krikzz posted do not work for me as my .srm is 16 kb and the .bin save files created by the Everdrive MD are 64 kb.  I tried running the tool twice to get the size to 64 kb but still no go.  Sorry, I am a noob who just got their Everdrive MD and am attempting to continue playing Phantasy Star IV on the everdrive from my kega Fusion .srm file.  Thanks.