Author Topic: Black Screen When Loading With Genesis 32x And PAL Sega CD  (Read 2926 times)

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so ive just recieved a ntsc 32x to use with a second megadrive we have here in the office. the set up is a modded megadrive model 2(pal) unmodified sega cd(pal) and ntsc 32x, when the everdrive is turned on we only get the produced by sega screen then it goes blank, if we unplug the sega cd it will load fine, it will also load real games perfectly fine when both the 32x and sega cd are attached but wont load the everdrive, any theories, we have tryed starting it in 50hz and same thing happens
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Re: Black Screen When Loading With Genesis 32x And PAL Sega CD
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I run the same setup, it should work fine,im thinking maybe your 32x replacement power supply ?Mega CD might be trying to draw more power

The Original USA 32x power supply output is DC 10v

It could cause issue if you are using DC 9v  , i had probs with lower outputs myself,i ended making one from a DC 12v power supply and it works perfect, ive read its better to give 32x abit more power aswell

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