Author Topic: SD2SNES Works with Retro Duo Portable v2.0 & Retron 2  (Read 5689 times)

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SD2SNES Works with Retro Duo Portable v2.0 & Retron 2
« on: July 10, 2014, 09:56 PM »
Just recived my Retro Duo Portable v2.0 and it works great with my SD2SNES even when unplugged from a/c adapter power, unlike the SupaBoy which requires a A/C power to work.

The RDPv2.0 is built great, I couldn't ask for better IMO for the price and with the retro port you can have all NES/SNES games on the go as the Everdrive n8 also works with the RGD.

Thanks Stone Age Gamer, I also picked up a Retron 1 for my uncle for his everdrive n8 I purchased, and it also works great, minus save states. 

The SD2SNES Also works great in my Hyperkin Retron 2, so if you don't own a clone console you should, as they are dirt cheap and work great as a back up, or a cheap alternative to put a retro console in many rooms.

I used a Coupon discount code and the 4th of July deal, so I paid 10$ for a white/red Retron 1 49$ for a RDPV2.0 and $29 for a FC Mobile 2 which also works with the Everdrive N8 minus save state.

UPS Decided to charge me 80% Tax/Duty on my items, I complained and they reduced it to $1.59, thus I ended up not paying tax.
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