Author Topic: do you need an expantion pack to run the everdrive on a northamerican 64??  (Read 7369 times)

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hey guys just wondeing if we need an expansion pack to run the everdrive 64, i nver got donky kong o majoras mask as a kid, resulting in me still having the stock black pack.

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Yep, you still need an expansion pak for those games. The Everdrive acts as the game and cannot update the consoles hardware by any means. But for every other game, you can use the jumper pak in theory. Homebrew like the Doom port requires the expansion though.
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As Paulweeze says, games that needed it or used it without an N64 need or use it with the Everdrive 64. The Everdrive 64 doesn't make a difference either way. You only really need it for:

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask,

Donkey Kong 64,

Banjo Tooie (you don't need the pak to use the standard game on an N64, but Banjo Tooie is one of only two games that won't work on the Everdrive 64 unless the game is patched. The other game, Jet Force Gemini, doesn't need the expansion pak at all, but the patched version of Banjo Tooie needs the expansion pak, so basically for a real game cartridge of Banjo Tooie you don't need an expansion pak, but to play Banjo Tooie on an Everdrive, you DO need an expansion pak),

Perfect Dark (most of the game isn't playable unless you have an expansion pak - the official estimate is that you can only play around 30% of the game without an expansion pak, and the single player game won't work at all without the pak).

Many would say that those are four of the best games on the N64 (and Perfect Dark was the reason I bought an expansion pak, it was *well* worth the money), and lots of other games make use of the pak if you have one. Starcraft has some extra levels that you can't play without an expansion pak, Rush 2049 gives you an extra track (six instead of five) to race around if you have an expansion pak, and lots of games give you a higher screen resolution if you have an expansion pak, though in some games the higher resolution also lowers the frame-rate.

Basically, if you like the N64, then you really should get an expansion pak. It's well worth the money.
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The new GS code engine (currently in alt64, coming soon to OS64 ... I hear) also requires the expansion pak for almost all games if you decide to use cheats. Some games might not mind the default code engine location, but I imagine it will break many of them! I don't even have the stock RAM pak to test with. hahah!