Author Topic: Issues with Everdrive 3.0 Suddenly not reading SD Card  (Read 1271 times)

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Issues with Everdrive 3.0 Suddenly not reading SD Card
« on: April 29, 2019, 04:04 AM »

I have been using my Everdrive 3.0 for the N64 successfully for the past few months and everything was working fine until I came across this error: ERROR:C0 + SDR + FPG "SD card not found". I went through the following steps to try and remedy the problem:

1. Reformatted my SD card using Windows 10 AND SD Association SD Card formatter (despite it working just fine in my PC). SD card is a SanDisk Ultra PLUS MicroSDHC with 16 GB.
2. Redownloaded the Everdrive OS from
3. Cleaned the connections on the micro SD card and adapter using alcohol and an eraser (continued to work fine on my PC)
4. Purchased a second SD card SanDisk SD card and redownloaded a fresh Everdrive OS from

After fighting with all the software issues it could be, my thought is that it's a hardware issue where somehow one of the contact pins in the flash drive reader is either defective or is unable to make a connection. Is it possible to send this unit back to either get fixed or get a replacement?

Thank you!