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Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« on: March 23, 2015, 02:38 PM »
f10396b0 2400
de000400 0000

Saffron City Pokemon Continuously Come Out
8113140E 0001

Hyrule Castle Without Tornados
80131410 0011

800A4D2B 00?? Character Modifier P1
800A4D9F 00?? Character Modifier P2
800A4E13 00?? Character Modifier P3
800A4E87 00?? Character Modifier P4

00 Mario
01 Fox
02 DK
03 Samus
04 Luigi
05 Link
06 Yoshi
07 C. Falcon
08 Kirby
09 Pikachu
0A Jigglypuff
0B Ness
0C Master Hand
0D Metal Mario
0E Polygon Mario
10 Polygon DK
13 Polygon Link
14 Polygon Yoshi
15 Polygon Samus
18 Polygon Kirby
1A Giant Donkey Kong

800A4D09 00??

00-07 Normal Stages
08 Mushroom Kingdom
09-0A Kirby Beta Stage
0B Tutorial Stage
0C Cloudless Yoshi’s Island Stage
0D Metal Mario Stage
0E Fighting Polygon Stage
0F Race to the Finish Stage


If you guys know more codes, reply to this please.

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Re: Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2015, 04:28 PM »
Nice find! I'll definitely try some of these out once I get my Everdrive (should be in a few days from now).

However, one thing I noticed (and I could be 100% wrong about this) is that there aren't any character modification codes for about half the roster (Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, C. Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff). I find it strange that there aren't any polygon models listed for these guys...

But when looking back at the codes for each character listed, I couldn't help but notice that there were gaps across the hex values (0F 11 12 16 17 19). So then I started wondering what if these omitted values were the polygon models for the other 6 characters? It definitely is possible, but then which characters would each one be?

Instead of blindly guessing, I decided to take a stab at doing some research by looking at the full character select screen and trying to compare the values given to the characters with their position on the screen (Reference can be found here: Even though Luigi is actually the first character shown on the select screen, Mario is given the first Polygon Character code (0E). Why? Because it's Mario, the mascot of all Nintendo. Of course he would get special treatment! So then I figured that Luigi would get the next spot available (0F) because he's second banana to Mario.

Next, I decided to try to find where Fox and Pikachu's Polygon models could be. Again, looking at the Character Select screen, Fox and Pikachu are located right beside each other. What 2 unused hex values are also located back to back? 11 and 12. To me, this makes sense as they are characters which are unlocked from the beginning of the game and their positions are right beside each other.

"Well what about Captain Falcon and Ness? They're also beside each other (if you were to grab the bottom row and move it to the right of C. Falcon's square), why aren't they 11 and 12 with regards to their Polygon hex values?" My answer to this is rather simple: They are unlockable characters. If they were available from the beginning of the game, then I would consider them to be 11 and 12. But since 16 and 17 are hex values that are also located right after each other, it would make sense to have them occupy these spots. Positionally speaking, it could work out if you were to move Link and Samus's portraits 2 spaces to the right and move C. Falcon and Ness to those free spots, but design wise, I don't think it would look too good. Which could be why Sakurai (or whoever in HAL designed the character select screen) decided to have the portraits as they are now.

Which then leaves me with Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is located at the end of the character select screen and there's only one hex value left: 19. There really isn't much left to say about that.

TL;DR version, my thoughts on the missing hex values for the other Polygon characters not listed (Luigi, C. Falcon, Ness, Fox, Pikachu, Jigglypuff) are as follows:

Luigi - 0F
Fox - 11
Pikachu - 12
C. Falcon - 16
Ness - 17
Jigglypuff - 19

Of course, this is all speculation on my part, but it definitely sounds plausible  ;) Feel free to prove me wrong with your own thoughts! :D

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Re: Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2015, 11:58 PM »

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Re: Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2015, 03:27 PM »
This list is perfect, thanks Mezmorize!

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Re: Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2018, 03:11 PM »
Are these codes working properly? I have an Everdrive V3 and I have tried with Metal Mario and Giant Donkey Kong but nothing seems to work. I do the following:

1 - I activated Game Shark in the options menu
2 - I selected the game Super Smash Bros (NTSC)
3 - I went in to Cheats and typed in the master codes for the game (F10396B0 2400 & DE000400 0000)
4 - I entered 800A4D2B 000D for Metal Mario or 800A4D2B 001A for Giant donkey kong
5 - I made sure all codes were on (enabled)
6 - I started the game by using the "start-button".
7 - In the game I used 1p mode and choosed Mario or donkey kong

But this does not work. Am I doing something incorrectly? I have installed the latest 

I am thankfull for all help.
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Re: Super Smash Bros GameShark Codes
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2018, 08:35 PM »
Try this rom: "Super Smash Bros. (U) [f4] (GameShark)".

It is already prepatched so that you can use GameShark codes. You can download it here:

With this rom, it is not necessary to use the Master Code. I did not test your cheats but when I last played the game, I was able to use the cheat to play as Metal Mario on the Metal Mario stage in VS mode.