Author Topic: New Everdrive MD v3 : Game freezes, sound is stuck, and reset button doesn't wor  (Read 2079 times)

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Hi Krikzz,

I sent you a contact request because I'm having a problem that's similar to one that others are having on the forum.

To make sure it wasn't my Genesis, I tried playing the rom of Cyborg Justice U (!) on the Everdrive MD v3 and the real cartridge that I had.

The Everdrive freezes my Genesis after anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes, with the reset button not working (I have to power it off and on), while the real game doesn't freeze my Genesis even after an hour.

Other games (Sonic / Castlevania Bloodlines / Alien Storm / Splatterhouse 2) have the same problem, freezing my Genesis after about 5-25 minutes of play. Will I have to wait 2 weeks for the ED to get back to you in Ukraine and then another 2 weeks for the ED to be sent back to the US? Or will you be sending a new one as soon as you receive notice the package has been sent to you?

I bought the Everdrive GB from stoneagegamer and I loved it, so I was hoping to support you directly by buying the MD from your site.  :) I was really sad when it kept freezing on me, because I'd been waiting so eagerly to start playing my Genesis / MD :(

Thank you,