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Re: N8 & ENIO project
« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2013, 06:44 AM »
i decided this board is worthy off the fact that idk how long my nes will last, i took it apart the other day and yanked off the 72 pin connector, that thing looked brand new, but the part of the board it connected to has a pin out that looked like it seen better days, i took some sand paper and sanded off most the burnt out part off and it works right now but i doubt that will last forever. it looked like someone sanded that part already in the past(posibly when the connector was replaced) so i didn't want to sand it out completely because i felt like i was going to wear it down too much

(1) Use silver polish on the pins on the motherboard. Rub with a piece of cloth until the pins turn black. Rub the black off. Keep doing this until they are reflective.

(2) Get a container of water and get it boiling. Turn of the heat. Put the 72 pin connector in for 2 minutes. Take it out. Get the water boiling again. Put the connector back in for 2 minutes. Take it out.

Let the connector dry.

Your NES will play games like new.

Done this on over a dozen "dead" NES. Most played like new after this.

Also, check for bad caps.

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Re: N8 & ENIO project
« Reply #16 on: March 17, 2013, 09:03 PM »
the 72 pin connecter is almost new looking, it is the pin outs the connecter fits to i'm worried about, i sanded it out mostly but there is a couple pins that look worn down and this is on the board itself. it's been fine though since i sanded and cleaned that piece i just don't know if it will last forever cuz of it, it wouldn't be able to take more abuse to the board like that. but ya when i took the connecter off a few weeks back it was burnt out on them pins that is y i had to sand
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