Author Topic: Everdrive saving issue (or no?)  (Read 2108 times)

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Everdrive saving issue (or no?)
« on: December 31, 2015, 03:07 PM »
Ok, so i have my everdrive md v2 for some time now, i've been using it with no problem at all, but recently i notice some kind of saving issue, when i save a game like beyond oasis, it saves fine, when i change to another game that has a saving feature like shining force , the game saves normally also, but when i come back to beyond oasis, the save is not there, the same happens when i come back to shining force. i don't know if this is some kind of malfunction, or if this  is how the cartridge function. If i save a game, change it to a game that doesn't have a saving feature, and come back to that game that i saved, the save is there. is this the way the v2 models work? Do i have to worry?
(Apparently Sonic 3 is immune to this, i tested both ways, and it saves no matter what)