Author Topic: Expansion sound possible on Famiclones?  (Read 4770 times)

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Expansion sound possible on Famiclones?
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:13 AM »

This is relevant because the Everdrive N8 supports Expansion sound in several games, including the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 (Akumajō Densetsu). One of the more common clones is the Retron 1, which uses the same hardware as the RES and Yobo FC (there are different revisions of this hardware, but they can be found across all of these clones).

However, these clones are often missing features, such as expansion sound, accurate audio, and support for Castlevania 3. These features can be enabled and will work with your Everdrive N8. You will still have to connect certain pins on your adapter (as explained in another thread on this site).

ACE, the Famiclone expert, informed me that the expansion sound does work on the FC Twin and can also be made to work on the Retron 1 (RES).

Okay, to enable expansion sound on the Retron 1 or RES, you must connect pins 54 and 55 to the positive side of a capacitor labelled C3. It also is a good idea to add a 1.5k resistor to the same point and ground (this cleans up the audio)

You can also modify your RES or Retron 1 to support Castlevania III (and possibly a few other titles) by adding a 7404 inverter IC like so:

Ace from Sega 16 showed me how to do both of these.
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