Author Topic: bought my first everdrive MD have questions about cheat codes  (Read 3072 times)

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ok so like the title says i recently bought an everdrive MD VERSION 2 and i have a few questions

so far from what i can understand u load the game into the memory power off then power on the system then select the GG option and enter the codes like u would on a real game genie, my question is  can u hard patch these codes into a genesis game rom so that when the rom loads the cheats load so that i dont have to use the everdrive GG function

also since the everdrive MD can play sega master system games how do i use action replay codes for the master system games? can i hard patch the master system roms if so how

lastly where can i download a manual i missplaced the one that came with mine

edit as far as hard patching the cheats into the rom what program do i use also what guide do i follow i get all my cheat codes from this site
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Re: bought my first everdrive MD have questions about cheat codes
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For hard patching Genesis and Master System codes:

More codes are here: