Author Topic: Advice: Graphical glitches on Famicom AV + Everdrive N8  (Read 1972 times)

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Hi, I got my N8 from Junfan Games (Through Our Dealers link) when visiting my family in law in China. I have a Japanese Famicom AV and have read the FAQs and I suspected PSU issues, but... I have tried 4 different PSUs now and the problem sticks, what I am observing is differences in brightness in some games (e.g. Gradius, Ganbare Goemon Gaiden) or sync issues (like watching an old videotape) on e.g. Dracula II FDS.

I have tried the original PSU, a replacement PSU (sold by, an original MegaCD2 PSU and a replacement MegaCD2 PSU from eBay.

I have cleaned the contacts in the Famicom AV connector (with alchohol, an old t-shirt and a credit card). That seemed to help a bit on the FC games but did not help much on Dracula II.

Oh and I have tested OS v15, v16 and v20 (beta1) so far but results are all the same.

I now suspect that there may be issues with my Famicom AV, but how can I be sure it is my Famicom causing the issue (short of getting a replacement unit, which are not cheap obviously)? Anything else I could try to elevate this issue before jumping to get a second Famicom AV?
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