Author Topic: Flickering Black Lines in Mega Man 3 (USA) using AVS + Everdrive N8 (NES)  (Read 1998 times)

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Mega Man 3 (USA) is the only game I'm getting this black flickering lines issue (Top Man's Stage).

Looks similar to the white line issue except well black and much more erratic. I know Krikzz fixed a bunch of his mappers in the OS16 update. I'm playing Mega Man 3 from an Everdrive NES N8 (directly from Krikzz) with OS v16 on my AVS with OS v1.20b8.

Thread of the issue cross-referenced from NintendoAge (skip to 0:35 of the video):

Seems the OP updated his Everdrive OS and the black lines went away but still has issues with Mega Man 3 like me.
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Not just megaman 3, others as well. Try using b5 and below, as this issue started on b6. I already notified retrousb support of this issue, but please send them an email as well cause I dont think they want to fix it.
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