Author Topic: Sim City 64 (64DD) Translation  (Read 56906 times)

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Re: Sim City 64 (64DD) Translation
« Reply #150 on: December 05, 2019, 06:59 PM »
You really did do a fantastic job with this translation, Ozidual. Unfortunately, being on the N64, and being a port of SimCity 2000 (albeit a fantastic port with *really* good advantages over the original game), I think this translation likely didn't attract nearly as much attention as many other translations, especially those for action or RPG games (or a game that was on a system that most people had actually heard of, unlike the 64DD).

Still, SimCity 64 is unique enough that it does deserve to be fully translated, and whilst I'm sure the game will never have a large audience, I don't doubt that over time a few people will discover it, fall in love with it, and give the game a lot of time. So if it isn't already available on then I'd say definitely upload it there, as the majority of this excellent game is fully playable to non-Japanese speakers (and thank you so much for that), and the game should be made available to the world.

Regarding what is still left to be translated of the game, I don't know anything about the game translating scene, but wouldn't there be any forums or websites devoted to this subject? I would have thought so, given how devoted some people are about  bringing classic games across the language barrier. I would have thought that on such forums or sites you could upload screenshots or links to videos (or even a download link to a working archive of the game rom and perhaps a compatible emulator) and then gamers fluent in both English and whatever other language is involved (in this case Japanese, of course) would post translations, possibly with suggestions on how to word things more naturally.