Author Topic: SD2SNES (non pro version) which bios files are required? Which files are not?  (Read 70 times)

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I know there is a thread for this topic on the Pro version of the SD2SNES, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer for the regular non pro version.

I have a Rev H SD2SNES. About the 6 .bin files from Stone Age Gamer I notice on their website it says you don't require the BSXBios.bin, ST0010 or ST0011 any more as they are all built in to the latest firmware?

Can anyone confirm if this is accurate? There really isn't any formal instructions out there for us, except for Ikari's instructions here: which seem to indicate you do still need to manually insert the bsxbios.bin and st0010.bin

Is there anything else I am missing? Can someone do my a favor and list the exact files one needs to run all the games we can successfully play? I am not asking for the actual files, just the names of them so I can confirm I have everything I need.

Thanks for your time
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