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TL;DR: Is there any way to force the EverDrive GG to use the SG-1000 palette fix?

I'm using an EverDrive GG with OS v9 and it's great! I finally bought a Card Catcher and hacked together a "Mark Master Converter" using the latest pin correspondence list from SMSpower, and was able to use it with the Retrode's SMS adapter and read in the three My Card games I have. I then tried them on the Game Gear, and success rate is 2/3 so far, so definitely excellent work on the part of Krikzz and anyone else who contributed to this effort!
  • Woody Pop (a Mark III game) works great except that I can't get the original controller to work on this semi-consolized Game Gear - maybe a wiring problem, or maybe a fundamental incompatibility in how the controller port interface works on this hardware; in any case, EverDrive GG works great!
  • Bomb Jack (an SG-1000 game) works great - EverDrive's palette fix is perfect and makes this really enjoyable and playable. The start-up SEGA logo is correctly rainbow-colored.
  • Chack'n Pop (also an SG-1000 game) seems to run in SMS mode without a palette fix. Unfortunately some parts of the game are not visible, and all the colors are wrong except the (black) background. The start-up SEGA logo is monochromatic rather than rainbow-colored. I've tried both .sms and .sg file extensions but it does not seem to make any difference.
So, is there any way to force Chack'N Pop to use the SG-1000 palette fix too? Or is there something this game does that breaks the fix? Has anyone else managed to get it working?

I'm fairly sure all three of my dumps are good. I truncated them to match the sizes reported on the Cyber Gadget Retro Freak (where all three cards also loaded and work successfully in the emulator), after which their MD5 hashes match the ones reported by the Retro Freak, and the dumps work fine in emulators. They are all 32768 bytes long and have these MD5 hashes:
  • Woody Pop (J) [!].sms = 1b1b6051027806a98e9947b5ae5f0076
  • Bomb Jack (SG-1000).sms = 0bf5b6959fc1b58d8e37f9647f47a0b3
  • Chack'n Pop (SG-1000).sms = 286ba24b335a1600dfc611a0a9fe7875
For comparison, only 1/3 - the Mark III card Woody Pop - starts up with correct colors when attached with no EverDrive. Also the EverDrive GG is far less unwieldy physically than Woody Pop plugged into Card Catcher plugged into "Mark Master Converter" plugged into Beeshu Gear Master plugged into Game Gear.

edit: SMS Power threads, in case you want to make your own converter or follow the progress of hopeful commercial production - if this were not such a tiny niche I would suggest Krikzz pursue it, but so far I suspect everybody in the whole world who wanted such an adapter might already have posted to those threads!
Of course this is also all inspired by sions-papa's earlier work.
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Re: SG-1000 palette for Chack'n Pop with EverDrive GG and OS v9
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I dumped and truncated a couple more old SG-1000 cartridges (actually one is a My Card) and am seeing the same wrong palette for the SG-1000 Penguin Land and Zaxxon, unfortunately. Any ideas why these are not using the palette set-up fix?

  • MD5 (Penguin Land (SG-1000).sms) = 79f15598828e697e75c65130262d8d94
  • MD5 (Zaxxon (SG-1000).sms) = 52bbf5336c190610a0fb1ab0bdaca455

edit: for Zaxxon at least I was able to work around the problem with a patch. I posted it over here: (the same patch also works for Penguin Land)
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