Author Topic: Questions about Sega CD BIOS and Everdrive X5  (Read 49 times)

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Questions about Sega CD BIOS and Everdrive X5
« on: July 13, 2018, 06:54 PM »

I have an Everdrive X5, I'm waiting for the micro sd to arrive (a Kingston 8GB, is it good? I see it's the most recommended here) to finally start.
I have some questions about the configuration and features for the Sega CD:

1-I have an European Mega CD and I want to use USA and JP Bios to play other region games, can I use official Bios files from Sega or do I have to use custom region free ones?
2-Probably silly question, but changing Bios will overwrite the original one or it will remain just on the Everdrive cart?
3-Changing Bios will erase the Save files inside the internal Mega CD memory?
4-Is there a guide to configure folders etc.?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Questions about Sega CD BIOS and Everdrive X5
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 09:45 AM »
1. Either way works.
2. The BIOS is loaded like a game ROM; it doesn't overwrite anything in the console.
3. No.
4. According to this, just create a "MEGA" folder at the root of the drive and put the OS and firmware files in it (ignore the OS link in the PDF; it's outdated). The "SAVE" folder also goes there as well as a couple of others, but I think the OS will create them for you (if not, just go back to the manual).