Author Topic: Crowd Control: Connect your Twitch chat with the SD2SNES!  (Read 3551 times)

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Crowd Control: Connect your Twitch chat with the SD2SNES!
« on: November 02, 2018, 12:22 AM »
(I suppose this post only applies to Twitch streamers, but this is pretty damn cool for the SD2SNES nonetheless)

Quote from: Warp World, makers of Crowd Control
Crowd Control is software that allows you the streamer to put your chat in control of your game. We have a lot of features still being worked on and more games being added, but we are currently opening support for 3 games!

Originally it was made for emulators, but now it works with the SD2SNES using the USB port. So far, 2 games are supported: A Link To The Past and Super Mario World.

For example; in ALTTP Randomizer, viewers can give or take items and rupees, invert your controls, trigger events like cuccos attacking you, ice physics or even insta-kill Link!

Crowd Control SD2SNES Setup video

I think they're also working on a version for the Everdrive 64 v3. If they can work it out, that'll be amazing!
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