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Hello friends, especially those who believe in my boast that EVERDRIVE flash cartridges are really good and have mistakenly bought them: 555
refer to

For OS update to version 17 to cheat the game, see Post 2 at all.
This first post is a basic, general basis that can be used already. Agree: agree

A: It is a flash cartridge for playing Megadrive / Genesis ROM by loading ROM via SD card.

Q: What can you play?
A: megadrive / genesis ROM, 32X (must have 32X connector), SMS (sega master system) can not play every game, MegaCD is not playing ROM via SD, just download the BIOS

Manufacturer's website

Everdrive community

Front and rear cartridges Come naked Have to find a blank cartridge

Memory cards use SD or microSD. Maximum capacity is not more than 2GB. (SDHC is not supported.) But only this one, all the ROMs that have come out are comfortable.
From OS v.24 onwards, can use fat32 and SD type SDHC.

Find empty cartridges as cases. Must be notched on the top for inserting an SD card using a cutter to slowly slice it

The machine used to test megadrive 1, fat black, hard to tolerate, converting the av stero light to 220V, converting the switch to jap / eng with 50/60 Hz. Don't know what to convert anymore: 555

refer to

Rough set up procedures
- Bring SD / microSD through the converter, up to 2GB, plug in the cartridge and format (Toolbox -> Format SD)
- Copy the ROM from the computer to the SD card. If the ROM is a .smd, it must be converted first. (See the ROM conversion section below). Divide the folder as convenient.
- Plug the cartridge open and play. By selecting the game from the select game menu and selecting the game to flash
- If cheating the game, select the cheat menu to enter game genie or make a code file. File size is not more than 512 Bytes.
- Even if the device is turned off, the last game that has been released will not disappear. Continue playing immediately

Gradually come to see details In each menu

OS when filming version 16, but now (29.11.2010) has released version 17 and added a game cheat function: yeah
But lazy to take a new photo See the old things first New items that are up at the end

** update 4/6/54 **
Since OS v24 will support fat32 and sdhc card
Last at this time update is os v25.

refer to

             main menu

play game - used to select to play the flash game in the cartridge Turn off the device and the game does not disappear. Open to select. Play now. Select game - Use for selecting ROM to flash down. Options cartridge - Settings, cheats - Game cheats using Game Genie codetoolbox - Used to display machine information and cartridges / Format SD / OS update.

Options menu

refer to

Toolbox menu

save / load sram - see the description of the safe in the post # 5 by you subeng
device info - machine and cartridge information
modules - intended for program developers, try programs
format SD - first use, must first SD card to be formatted with this cartridge
spi speed test - TES Speed ​​SD card
update os - using OS update
about - Show manufacturer information

Format SD card
The use of the SD card must be formatted first. Which must be formatted via the cartridge only Can not use the format.
(toolbox -> format SD)
After formatting, the SD can be downloaded to the computer. Divide the folder as convenient
There is a limit that 1 folder can put up to 1xx ROM. Numbers games, of course, will come up again. Can't remember.
Therefore, dividing the folder for convenience with choosing a ROM is better.

refer to

ROM preparation

ROM in the megadrive / genesis game. Everdrive cartridges will support files in the format bin. So if the file is in the format, smd must be converted first.
- Download the converted ROM file '' from here
- Extract files in any folder
- Remove the .smd ROM in the folder as well.
- Run the smd-to-bin.exe file Files that need to be converted will be converted to all. The extension ROM is still the same as .smd, but the filling has been converted.
Therefore, the original ROM file should be backed up as well because it will convert over the original file.

Can copy the ROM file to the sd card

About the menu section

Enter the Select game menu

OS update
The update has two main parts: firmware and OS.

- The firmware cannot be updated, requires the use of a jtag accessory, anyone who wants to send it to you, subeng it up, which normally doesn't need to be updated in the fw frequently.
Old cartridge. I still have fw version 4 myself, but I use os-v17 very comfortably.

- The part that we can update via SD card is OS.

Download the latest OS version from here.

** update 21/6/54 **
Stable OS before switching to sdhc is v.23
If going up to support sdhc, now the latest v.28 seems to work well. V.24 - v.27 There is a bug. Do not update, use v.28 or newer if there is another.

Put the os-v17.bin file to the root of the SD card.
Enter the toolbox menu -> update os and select os-v17.bin file to be updated.

Select the OS file to be updated.

The final decision is that I am afraid: 555

Finished Only a short time, but very sensitive

Notice that there are more cheats.

The code used to cheat the game will be a Game Genie Code. Pop it into text files. This file size is not more than 512 Bytes.

Have to choose whether to enter the code itself Or choose a cheat code file

Enter the code itself

In case of choosing the prepared file

Cheating must complete the flash game first. And then choose the cheats menu to cheat the game.

comix zone The power does not decrease, appearing at episode 3

Thunder Force 3 does not appear.

There are a few precautions: the code in the file should only be selected for the code to be used.
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