Author Topic: SEGA GENESIS .BIN to .MD (FILE NAME PROBLEM) Everdrive can't read my roms  (Read 685 times)

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I have a Mega Everdrive x3 with some games in it (.md)
I have a bunch of ROMs for SEGA in my computer which are (.bin)
I can't make them work on my everdrive, either by sliding them on the SD card folder or changing the name to (.md)
how can I make my .bin files work on the everdrive? should try to find ROMS with .md names instead?
can I convert .bin to .md?
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Yes, you can convert (bin files to md) and (md to bin) by just editing the name of the rom.

For example: Sonic The Hedgehog (W) .md - Sonic The Hedgehog (W) .bin

after the . at the end of the rom name you can edit the file name to bin or bin to md by typing it in the rom name.

It should work either way. Have your roms been extracted from the zip folders? Remember you have to unzip the roms from the zipped folders first by extracting the file. Some emulators accept zip folders with the roms inside but the EverDrive won't accept it, it needs to unzipped first by right clicking the mouse and press to extract the file and then move it over to your SD card for ready to play on your EverDrive.

Hope this helps.