Author Topic: Is 1.8 firmware and furious save state patch possible on FXPAK Pro  (Read 726 times)

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I've just purchased an FXPAK Pro, and whilst I know it doesn't support save state functionality and may not for quite some time (if ever), has anyone managed to get the older 1.8 firmware running on an FXPAK Pro and then patch it with Furious' beta firmware to add save state functionality?

I've tried doing it myself, but it's not working, I just get a black screen when loading the cartridge, no menu.
I'm wondering if the 1.8 firmware isn't compatible with the Pro version (since the changelog for 1.10.1 said it fixes a bug preventing booting on the Mk III)

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I think USB2SNES firmware is the only way to get save states on the Pro, at the moment.