Author Topic: SD2SNES weird (and non-working) behavior  (Read 595 times)

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SD2SNES weird (and non-working) behavior
« on: May 30, 2020, 09:34 PM »
Hello everybody !

I come to you, for I have a problem that I don't understand and can't seem to find a fix for...

I bought a SD2SNES 2 years ago, which worked like a charm back then on my huge flat screen, no problemo.

But since quite a time, when I wanted to plug it back to my console, it started to only show a black screen, nothing else. With/without an SD card, whatever I would do, the console would turn on, but nothing would happen, though, with an official cartridge, everything would go fine.

Now, I left it for a time, and came back to this problem. So, seeing another topic with a similar issue, all I did was changing the SD card, cleaning connectors, and all : nothing changed.

I updated the firmware and miracle ! Now I access the menu ! Kewl...except that many things changed. Brightness is too high by default, and as opposed to the first time working, it uses half the screen (menu is on the middle on the screen with 4 large black bars on each side). And then, when laucnhing a ROM (with the most majority of which were working back then) there is always an issue. F-Zero will freeze when the race starts, Super Metroid will freeze when coming back to the first room, at the very beginning of the game, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario world will just show a blank black screen when launching the ROM, Wolfenstein 3d shows an almost invisible square in the middle of the screen (which I guess is the box the game should be playable in) for a second before disappearing, and the shit goes on, and on, and on for every ROM...

What is wrong? I don't understand...