Author Topic: Everdrive N8 newbie questions  (Read 251 times)

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Everdrive N8 newbie questions
« on: June 26, 2020, 08:36 PM »
Hi all, I just got the everdrive n8 and I have some questions. I posted it in the famicom sub, but I figure there might be diff audience here. I would like to put it here so you can help if you have used it.

Some background, I am using it on a JP famicom top loader, thru RF to ntsc (USA) HD tv.

When I get the product (2nd hand ebay) it seems it is in v16, which is latest stable. But I also heard about v20 rc7 which is the latest rc that support almost all mappers. In that case why aren't them being integrate into main stream (v17)? I see it's been quiet down for couple years. I certainly missed the stories behind. Are there bugs in the v20 that prevent it from being released as main stable version? If you are using edn8, do you suggest stay in v16 or it's ok to use v20rc? In the official site it still only put v16, and no mention on the rc versions. I only found thru some forum posts.

It seems that my motherboard rev is the one that have that weird color problem when using savestate. The savestate work, but the color palette are all wrong when load the savestate back. Most of the games (eg contra, double dragon) are like that. Some of the lucky ones (smb 3) which will refresh the whole screen when pressing pause seems to remedy this problem. Sometime it's the main char sprites that is affect while background is fine. Some time the other way around. Is there any solution to this problem?

Sometime when I press the reset button to go back to main menu, i got i/o error. Is that unavoidable, or i am doing something wrong? My 8gb micro sd is fat32 or course. Once that happen I have to turn off famicom completely, and on. Then it will work again.

For fds games, is there still no way to avoid auto swap disk happening (e.g. game like doki doki panic will skip opening because of this). I saw in somewhere say fw v20rc7 have a hold A to delay auto swap but I tried, it doesnt work. When should I start holding the A? Right after loading the game (pressing b) or some point of the fds startup animation?

I apologize if you seen this post elsewhere.

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