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Hello, I recently purchased a pre-owned Super Everdrive from a reputable store. Unfortunately, it was advertised as a v2.1, but when I opened up the cart it was actually a v1.2.

The issue I'm having is that even with the latest OS I can not get certain games to run. For instance Earthbound and Super Metroid trigger the anti-piracy screen. Legend of Zelda will not load at all, it just cycles through the game save screen. I was wondering if this is a common issue with this version of the Super Everdrive and would I run into this issue on the Version 2.1?

Try using a previous OS file.
I highly suspect that you have a pirate device.

I'll try using a previous os. I purchased it from StoneAgeGamer, which I thought was a reputable site. Here's a photo of the PCB.

If you bought it from SAG then it's original.
Try getting "no-intro" roms.

I ended up getting it to work. When I first load earthbound the anti piracy screen pops. But if I reset it and hit start game from the os menu it plays it. I appreciate your help.


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