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Two questions about Super Everdrive


Hello Krikzz,

first of all I want to thank you for this incredible piece of engineering!

My name is Frank and I'm from Spain. I just bought this ( Super Everdrive Card and, as far as I've tested, it runs perfectly well!

Please, I just have two questions:

   1st/ How many times -aprox- can it be re-flashed? I change of game very often now because I'm testing what ROMs runs and not.

   2nd/ I've a 2GB MicroSD card with an SD Adapter that runs well with the Everdrive. I have too a 8GB MicroSDHC that I prefer to use but it's not recognized by the Everdrive (says that it can't open root directory). Both cards are formatted with FAT32 and I'm guess that the problem is that I'm using the SD Adapter from the 2GB SD card with the 8GB SDHC card and maybe I need a SDHC Adapter instead of just an SD Adapter... Or maybe SDHC cards or card with more than X GB are not supported by the Super Everdrive... Please, what do you think?

Ah, the Super Everdrive comes with firmware v5 and OS v11 (I've upgraded it to v12) and assembly date 30/03/2012.

Thank you very much and best regards.

1)100,000 Program/Erase cycles
2)any sd cards with any adapters should work, but some cards may not work by unknown reasons

Thank you very much!

Just for the records; I finally managed to use the 8GB card with the Super Everdrive.

The problem was the way the MicroSD card was formatted. I was using this card with a Windows Mobile phone and I formatted it using a WM program that optimizes the format for a mobile system (with things like FAT32 without 2 FAT copies, smaller sectors to balance wasted space, and things like this).

I think it caused a kind of incompatibility with Super Everdrive because I've reformatted the card with Windows XP and now it's correctly managed by Super Everdrive :)

Thanks and best regards.


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