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Question about region lock and Multiregion CIC


Hello ;)

I have another noob question; I'm using the Super Everdrive in a PAL SNES and with some non PAL ROMs there appears a message saying that the game was not designed for my SNES (region lock, I guess).

As far as I understand the Super Everdrive has "something" called "Multiregion CIC developed by Ikari_01" that I guess is a mechanism to avoid these locks. But, or it doesn't run or I guess wrong...

Please, can you explain me what is this "Multiregion CIC" and how to use it?

Thank you very much for your time.

multiregion cic mean that your everdrive will work on pal and ntsc systems, but it not meant that it will somehow avoid ingame region protection

Thanks for your answer. I'll look for alternate versions of these games.


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