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Battery of questions (sorry)


Hi Krikzz,

tha card is really wonderful and I'm learning a lot about it's correct use. But, unfortunately, it comes without manual and I have some questions;

1.- My Super Everdrive card comes with a DSP-1 chip installed (versiĆ³n DSP-1, not 1A or 1B). I have a Super Mario Kart cartridge with DSP-1B chip inside. Do you recommend to replace the Super Everdrive one with 1B version in order to gain compatibility/speed/whatever?

2.- I'm wondering what's the usage of "Everdrive id" option in "Rom settings"... I've used it several times without figuring what's it's function (i'm a noob)...

3.- Finally, I'm using some other "Rom Settings" options with a lot of ROMs because I like to use Trained ROMs and these kinds of ROMs are often not booted (or booted incorrectly) by the Super Everdrive. I noticed that the "correct ROMs" have always a "size -> map to" of:

  524288 b -> Map to 512k
  1048576 b -> Map to 1m
  2097152 b -> Map to 2m
  3145728 b -> Map to 4m
  4194304 b -> Map to 4m
  5242880 b -> Map to 8m
  6291456 b -> Map to 8m

These kind of ROMs are always correctly booted, with the correct map assigned. But Trained ROMs are usually a little bigger in size than it's corresponding correct ROM. In these cases Super Everdrive doesn't boot the ROM in a correct way cause it's mapped to a lower map. In example:

   - Super Turrican (U) [t1] -> Size: 540672 b. Since it's bigger than 524288 b it will be mapped to 1m but Super Everdrive map it to 512k and it doesn't run until you change the map to 1m in Rom Settings.

   - Final Fight Guy (U) [t1] -> Size: 1130496 b. It's bigger than 1048576 b so it should be map to 2m but it's automatically mapped to 1m. Changing it to 2m make it runs.

And so strange, there are some ROMs that are not detected at all, giving the automatic settings HI ROM + Map 8m + Type ROM+SPEC, so it doesn't runs at all. In example:

   - Aliens vs. Predator (J) [t1] -> Size: 1081344. The real settings are LO ROM + 2m (cause is bigger than 1048576 b) and ROM Only. Manually changed to these settings and it runs perfectly well.

Just a suggestion; maybe in future revisions of the OS you can make it more compatible checking the ROM size in order to assign the upper map when it's size is bigger than the normal size. I know that sometimes it will still not run, but the most of times it will, and it's better that manually change it every time (and easier for the users).

That's all. Thank you very much for your time because I know you are very busy and I'm a bit annoying  :(


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