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Super everdrive not booting.

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Bought the ultimate super everdrive from stone age gamer. Worked great, but today it will not boot up to the main screen. Reading other post and says to press x+a to load reserve os. That work can still play roms. How do i fix so i dont have to always run the reserve os? Tried update os in tools but still nothing.

OS update should help. which version of OS loads if you press x+a?

Reserve os is version 11. Firmware version is 5. How do i go about updating the os?

OS update via toolbox must repair main OS. if it not works for you, then i would like to see update process on video

thanks. i got it to work. didnt know i had to download the firmware to update it. but i got it back in normal working condition. one more thing, i love your product. keep up the GREAT work.


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