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cant put more than + - 70 roms in folder


Hi, I get my third everdrive (my first was everdrive-MD, second everdrive-64), in sd card Put more than 70 files in one folder, 71 -> are not listed in screen, in some cases i View garbage in screen

tested with 2GB and 512 MB cards FAT16 formatted with windows 7 x64.

the master everdrive has firmware 2 and OS 5.

What he said... any help please?

First I copied ALL roms in root folder, didn't work and saw the forum saying the limit is 90 per folder.  I made folder and put less then 90 in each (some 50, some 80, etc), but when I select game, it only shows 2 pages always, cannot pass more than 2.

Firmware 2, OS 5....


Probably summary names lenght larger than disc cluster size, in this case master-ed and ed-gg may not show rest of files. Try to choice 32kb cluster size when you format your sd card

I will try that thanks.

Just posting back to say that the cluster size seems to have fixed it, so thanks!

Re-formatted the card at FAT with 32KB cluster size and now all files show up in several pages.



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