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Reset to black screen ONLY on PAL devices on 1.20+, Krikzz?


Hi, I've done some more testing on the Everdrive N8 reset to black screen issue on various devices.

NTSC hi-def nes AND Nt mini noir NTSC mode: reset works on any roms on any firmware (1.16 and 1.20+)
PAL hi-def nes AND Nt mini noir PAL mode: reset works on any roms on firmware 1.16. Does NOT work on any roms on fw 1.20+.

This has got to suggest where the glitch can be? It seems to be a PAL compatibility issue on fw 1.20+ vs 1.16. Do you think it can be fixed?

I have the same issue with my Everdrive N8 with my PAL system.

Thanks for another confirmation, a lot of people seem to have it. It can't be the defragmentation issue because why would it work with NTSC but not PAL.

KRIKzz ?

Update: Krikzz fixed this bug! Amazing support, thank you! Krikzz products recommended 100%!


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