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Can Everdrive use cheat code on FDS?


And is there a list of FDS cheat codes?  I want to play Zelda II but it's a fairly hard game. One difference is that you do lose levels when you get game over. ie you had 3 attack, 1 health, and 1 magic level. When it's game over, all falls to the lowest levels so you'd lose 2 attack levels.  I wanted to find cheat code to boosts xp gained similar to 255 xp from monster code for NES version (the code did not work on FDS)

You have to raise levels equally on the FDS version of the game. I think levels raises very fast in this game and you will soon reach level 8 without cheating long before the endgame. The game gets harder at the end of the game even when maxed everything to 8, so cheating won't really help in the end. You may want to raise your own "skill level" before you get that far.
The no-intro version of the game's save files seems to be broken with missing items. You could try creating 3 files and deleting them again and see if it fixes it though.

You may better off use the FDS restoration patch that changed Zelda II to the Japanese version based off the (World) rom of the NES game, despite it loosing the change over to disk if that is what it had as well as the enhanced audio changes it's pretty much an identical experience and is worth trying.


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