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here is something to play with on the weekend. ^^

on LuigiStars thread about non-pokemon games on the gb tower, it seems like it's a little bit to tricky for some guys to get the patching right.

yeah, its possible. you change the roms to make pms think its a pokemon game and it let you to play others than pokemon, but its kind hard to do this =/

so i spent some minutes to hack up a patcher. it's in beta status and may have some bugs. ^^

you need two roms, the game you want to play (should be smaller than the pkm rom) and a playable pokemon game boy rom.
if you want you can use the libgbpak demo tool to dump those roms directly on the ed64.

i've only tested "Pokemon Blue", but others should work, too.

run: gbpatch_GUI.exe

now the patcher should create a rom named

the next step is to copy the rom onto a flashcart.

here is my edgb loader thread for more infos on that:

gui added

fix file path problem in gui

download v0.1.2:




super mario land

EverDrive 64 / pokemon stadium 2 - ed64 v2.0/v2.5 issue
« on: May 30, 2016, 06:13 PM »
i compared the start offset that is overwritten by the flashram memory allocation on the ed64 v2.0 and v2.5
the 128 kilobyte flashram is located at the end of the 64megabyte sdram. so the rom offset should be 0x3FE0000

64 megabyte -> 64*1024*1024->hex()-> 0x4000000
128 kilobyte flashram -> 128*1024->hex()->0x20000


Pocket Monster Stadium 2 (JS) NTSC is only about 48MB
the (Europe) PAL and (USA) NTSC rom both are 64MB

if you compare the us and european version, you will see that the end of the rom is identical

my idea would be to copy the last 128 kilobyte of pkms2 to the second half of the FLASH MEMORY, where the bootloader is stored, if you start pkms2 for the first time.
after that, a save type mapper could map the second half of the flash memory at the end of the rom cartspace instead of the allocated sdram by the flashram. ^^

i think this would be a nice update, but maybe there are other reasons against this, which i have overlooked. ^^

16 Mbit (2Mb x8 or 1Mb x16, Boot Block). -> 2 megabyte
if i remember correctly the bootloader is about 8Mbit big, so there should be a bit space left

8 Meg x 16 x 4 banks -> 512mbit -> 64 megabyte

EverDrive 64 / OS64mod - more color and font settings
« on: January 19, 2016, 01:41 AM »
hi ^^
here is a little mod that let you change the font and some colors of the ed64 menu.

you can make your own fonts, too.

if you like, you can use this thread to post your complete themes as a set
wallpaper/font/colors ^^

example: green tint

example: hide browser box and page info

copy this as a file to your sdcard

Code: [Select]
; theme config file

box_color=334 ; RGB 334 menu box background color
fbox_color=000 ; RGB 000 main file liste background tint
box_line_color=CCC ; RGB CCC box outline of the file lsit and menus
box_color_header=668 ; RGB 668 menu box header background color
pageinfo_font_color=FFF ; RGB FFF page: x/x color
boxheader_font_color=FFF ; RGB FFF menu box header font color
selection_color=FFF ; RGB FFF
list_font_color=888 ; RGB 888 normal file font color
menu_font_color=FF0 ; RGB FF0 menu item font color
menu_sfont_color=FFF ; RGB FFF selected menu item font color
list_dir_font_color=CC0 ; RGB CC0 directory color - filebrowser
selection_font_color=FFF ; RGB FFF selection color - filebrowser
hide_filetype=1 ; 1=hide 0=don't hide - info text right to the filename
hide_browserbox=1 ; 1=hide 0=don't hide
hide_pageinfo=1 ; 1=hide 0=don't hide ; pixelfont file - filename in /ED64/FONTS

Download: OS64.v64

EverDrive 64 / switchable UltraCIC II for legacy ED64
« on: September 25, 2015, 05:57 PM »
switchable UltraCIC II for legacy ED64

you can modify your ed64 with this ultracic patch, so it doesn't need cracks for 6105 games.
that's why i renamed it to UltraCIC II, so there will be less confusion. ^^

This is my switch patch for jesgdevs UltraCIC.
The source has been modified to work with avra

The Maskrom is directed to the back of the console.
The switch is in NTSC mode, if PIN3 connected to VDD and in PAL mode on GND.

N64 CIC Pinout

UltraCIC Pinout (ATtiny25)
PIN3 connects to the switch between vcc and gnd

UltracCIC.asm has to be in the same directory
Code: [Select]
patch < UltraCIC_II_avra_switch_ed64.patch
Code: [Select]
avra UltraCIC.asm
low fuse 0xc0 high fuse 0xdf
Code: [Select]
avrdude -p t25 -P /dev/ttyS0 -c ponyser -U lfuse:w:0xc0:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U flash:w:UltraCIC.hex
Code: [Select]
--- online/UltraCIC/UltraCIC.asm 2015-02-18 21:07:10.000000000 +0100
+++ UltraCIC_fix.asm 2015-10-30 16:48:58.893381510 +0100
@@ -1,56 +1,10 @@
-N64 CIC clone!
-Author: jesgdev
- ccsfp221-kammerstetter.pdf - Thanks to those authors!
- KRIKzz - 710x dumps and testing.
-Pinout(references(direct, pad,  etc..) refer to the CIC footprint on a typical cart board).
-1: Reset, this is the actual /RST pin of AVR.  Pad is VCC so need to cut or lift.  Jump to 9(cic pinout)
-2: CLKIN, unused pad, jumper to 11(cic pinout), cart edge #19
-3: ??, unused pad  TODO: Use this pin to read in the CIC_TYPE
-4: GND, unused pad, jump to nearby pad(last 3 in row are GND)
-5: CICPIN2_2, direct, tied to GND(always?)
-6: CICPIN2_1, direct, cart edge #43 (Data Clock)
-7: CICPIN2_0, direct, cart edge #18 (Data I/O)
-8: VCC, direct
-1 cic clock = 2 AVR clocks.  Clocks given in code are avr clocks.
-Programming the AVR:
-/Reset enabled
-Disable debug wire
-disable watchdog
-disable bod(probably doesn't matter?)
-No clock div(default is div8, make sure to disable!)
-Fastest startup, external clock
-4bit value to select cic type.
- 0: 610x mode
- 1: 710x mode
-bit2=x105 mode(6105/7105).
- 0: not x105(use bit1:0 for cic type)
- 1: 6105/7105
- 00: 6102/7101
- 01: 6103/7103
- 10: 6106/7106
- 11: 6101/7102
+.include "/usr/share/avra/includes/"
 ;Choose CIC_TYPE(pick one):
-.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0000 ;6102
+;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0000 ;6102
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0001 ;6103
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0010 ;6106
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0011 ;6101
@@ -58,7 +12,7 @@
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0101 ;6105
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0110 ;6105
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b0111 ;6105
-;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b1000 ;7101
+.equ CIC_TYPE=0b1000 ;7101
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b1001 ;7103
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b1010 ;7106
 ;.equ CIC_TYPE=0b1011 ;7102
@@ -90,6 +44,7 @@
 .equ CICPIN0=PINB2 ;cic port2 pin0
 .equ CICPIN1=PINB1 ;cic port2 pin1
 .equ CICPIN2=PINB0 ;cic port2 pin2
+.equ CICPIN3=PINB4 ;cic port2 pin3 ;switch pin
 ;Flags(bit location of flag in flags register,  do not change these values)
 .equ FLAG_x105_MODE=0 ;0=x10x, 1=x105
@@ -112,7 +67,8 @@
  out PRR, scr0 ;power reduction
  ldi scr0, 0x80
  out ACSR, scr0 ;comparator disable
- ldi scr0, LOW(RAMEND) ;STACK!  Make sure SPH is not needed for the part
+; ldi scr0, LOW(RAMEND) ;STACK!  Make sure SPH is not needed for the part
+ ldi scr0, 0xDF ;STACK! attiny25 offset when using
  out SPL, scr0
@@ -146,10 +102,11 @@
  ;66 ticks elasped
  ;setup flags and key address
- andi scr0, 0x0F
- sbrc scr0, 3
+ andi scr0, 0x0F
+ ;sbrc scr0, 3 ;deactive old config check - saturnu
+ sbis CICPINS, CICPIN3 ; replace with a pal/ntsc switch - saturnu
  sbr flags, (1 << FLAG_710x_MODE)
- sbrc scr0, 2
+ ;sbrc scr0, 2 ; mix up cic6102 with x105 mode - saturnu
  sbr flags, (1 << FLAG_x105_MODE)
     andi scr0, 0x07
  lsl scr0
@@ -261,24 +218,6 @@
  ;06:00 - 06:1A(392clk)
- /*
- 0:0 = Leftover counter value, probably not important
- 0:1 = ??, will be provided by console
- 0:2-0:F = Seed from 04:00 area(PAT instruction) LSB
- 1:0 = Unitialized
- 1:1 = Set to 0xB but will be provided by console
- 1:2-1:F = Seed from 04:00 area(PAT instruction) MSB
- 2:0-3:F = Unitialized(will be set to zero)
- RAM(610x): E09A185A13E10DEC
-    0B14F8B57CD61E98
-        0000000000000000
-        0000000000000000
- RAM(710x): E04F51217198575A
-    0B123F827198115C
-    0000000000000000
-        0000000000000000
- */
  sbrc flags, FLAG_710x_MODE
  rjmp cic_ram_init_710x
  ldi ZH, HIGH(CIC_INITIAL_RAM_610x * 2)
@@ -305,7 +244,6 @@
- //06:1B - 06:21(14clk)
  rcall m0200
@@ -944,4 +882,4 @@
  .dw 0x4FE0, 0x2151, 0x9871, 0x5A57, 0x120B, 0x823F, 0x9871, 0x5C11
\ No newline at end of file

original thread with sources:


Here is an archive, that helps you to patch and create the flash binary. ^^
i've included avrdude, but you can use whatever you want
maybe there are some ponyprog fanboys here?


1. put the UltraCIC.asm from the assemblergames thread in here
2. click on step1_create.bat

Flashing with avrdude and usbasp:

3. install the libusb0 driver
4. click on step2_flash_usb.bat if you are using an usbasp programmer

if you flash a new attiny, the internal osciallator is active and after the first ultracic flash it's fused to external clock.
depending on your programmer you need to clock the attiny on pin2 for reflashing.

USBasp wiring

avr isp6pin header

USBasp isp10pin header

if you don't have a banjo tooie or jet force gemini rom, you can now use this testrom, to test your ultracic installation.



EverDrive 64 / [release] ED64 font patcher v0.1
« on: August 30, 2015, 04:12 PM »
with alt64 v0.1.8.23 font support was implemented.
So I thought it was a good idea to write a tool for changing the font in the original OS64. ^^

here it is ^^
the program nobody really waited for :D

* put ed64font.exe and OS64.v64 in the same directory
* now drag the file onto the ed64font.exe

you should end up with OS64.bak and OS64.v64, which is now the altered one

OS64 Font



you can use Richards PixelFont Editor to make or edit your own font!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / sd2snes fw 1.7 cheat support preview
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:35 PM »
cheat support demo video for the upcoming firmware 1.7

EverDrive 64 / Online MPK Editor
« on: July 19, 2015, 02:46 AM »
found this on github a few minutes ago :>

try it online

github page

EverDrive 64 / Dezaemon 3D saving
« on: June 21, 2015, 03:04 PM »
today i did a bit research on Dezaemon 3D and got the saving working on an emulator.

it's using 3 normal 256kibit sram chips, that are mapped to
0x8000000 first chip (like normal sram/flashram)
0x8040000 second chip
0x8080000 third chip

EverDrive 64 / [release] 64DD conversion roms - test menu
« on: June 06, 2015, 02:28 PM »
64DD conversion roms - test menu

just started a new thread about it, 'cause i think it's interesting enough not to get lost in a thread, which title states that it is not working. hrhr

original post is over here:

here is a test menu, for running the conversion roms.

Code: [Select]
28M Dezaemon 3D [Patched].z64

hint: if a rom doesn't load it might be 'cause of file system fragmentation.
the ed64 dma transfer is a bit buggy ^^

you can use this tool to make a full low level format and than the windows explorer to format the sdcard with FAT32,
if you ran into such issues.

changelog v0.1.8.10-64dd_v05:
- on the ED64v3 'START' doesn't load the savegame from sd

changelog v0.1.8.10-64dd_v04:
- added special savetype for f-zero to save both rom and sram

changelog v0.1.8.10-64dd_v03:
- battletanx boot timing fix
- several rom info screen fixes
- f-zero 64dd conversion rom detection
- del rom config files, that caused save errors
- add f-zero japan CFZJ config file

changelog v0.1.8.10-64dd_v02:
- experimental saving support (about 11min save time)

Quote from: Zoinkity, post: 823778, member: 65484
F-Zero XP, translated into English.  Let me know of any bugs.

The Easter Egg in there is dedicated to Satoru Iwata.

alt64_v1810-64dd_v06.tar.xz that can handle this new file
put the ED64 directory on your sdcard root. ^^

create a folder called 64DD in your sdcard root
put your 64DD roms into that folder

/64DD/Sim City 64.n64

Oh cool :>

i tested the translation and there is still a lot left in japanese ^^

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / [teaser] usb2snes v0.1
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:51 PM »
usb2snes v0.1 for Windows and Linux

Off Topic / SNESnet Project
« on: April 27, 2015, 01:24 AM »
Hello ^^
here is a project i'm working on atm.
it's nearly finished, i just need some time to write a documentation and some examples. ^^

SNESnet is a snes ethernet adapter
a device homebrew devs can use to make online games. :>

it needs to connect to the controller ports only, ignore the other cables :D

  • atmega168 with a wiznet nm7010b+ modul (comp. with  w5xxx series)
  • can send data from homebrew to server  (IO-Port)
  • can send data from server to homebrew  (Data-Port)
  • it's using a sperate 5v power supply and an additional 3v3 voltage regulator
  • modular multiclient java server
  • firmware with trivium password encryption
  • auto-reconnect etc.


sending some bytes from the snes to the server...

login with username and encrypted password... and sending 0x00ffffffff

EverDrive GB / [GBPlayer] Game Boy Interface Disc
« on: April 01, 2015, 04:39 PM »
anyone already tried the new Game Boy Interface start disc for the game boy player with the edgb?
sound very cool. ^^

EDIT: Fullscreen Tetris :D

Off Topic / SNES with PSP as wireless gamepad
« on: January 18, 2015, 02:37 PM »
here is my setup based on an Atmega168 and a Wiznet 3150A+ on a NM7010B modul. (it's like the w5100 but with external PHY-Chip)
The device connects to the controller ports and is present as tcp/ip server in the lan. With a special homebrew you can connect your PSP with CFW to the SNES as a wireless gamepad. :D
If you want to build your own, i suggest using a modul with an internal TCP/IP-Stack.
Maybe the "new" ESP8266 as SPI wifi modul, is worth a try, too. ^^

EverDrive 64 / saturnus archive compilation :>
« on: October 29, 2014, 01:26 AM »
hi guys,
nothing special... :D

my ed64 stuff is spread over several threads and some of the zippyshare uploads already expired.
so my plan was to reupload all at once in one user friendly archive. ^^

alt64_v0186_src.tar.7z - emulator savegame converter - controller port 2 version
edgb_loader.txt - sets the EDGB in game mode on the ed64
gb64.txt - transfer pak tool for rom/ram dump/restore - gameboy emulator with save functionality - transfer pak library
loader64.txt - rom upload tool for linux with source - obsolete mempak tool

reupload 16.06.2021

Download latest alt64
(technical obsolete - for ED64v1 and ED64v2 only)

Download latest libgbpak demo tool (08.02.2016) [v1 legacy version]

Download latest libgbpak demo tool (25.08.2016) [v2,v2.5,v3 fix][pal_res fix]

Download latest EDGB loader tool (25.08.2016) [v2,v2.5,v3 fix][pal_res fix]

Download UltraCIC II Test-Rom

greetings, saturnu

EverDrive 64 / [release] gnuboy64 standalone
« on: October 05, 2014, 01:22 AM »
gnuboy64 standalone
this is laying around quite some time on my hdd. ^^
the sound quality isn't really good,

put /gnuboy/ to the root of the sdcard

put your games in:

c-left -> save sram

savestates and screenshots are disabled ^^
it would be easy to add these, but i think 'cause the sound is so choppy, it's not really worth it.
maybe it would be possible to use the ed64 sram for bigger roms, too. hm...^^

greetings, saturnu

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